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techsuch May 9, 2021 0 Comments

Why Women Could Be the Alberta Tech Industry’s Secret WeaponA few years ago, I met a woman so inspiring that I felt compelled to supporther in anyway I could. While working on my company’s technology partnershipwith the Edmonton International Airport, I was introduced to Kendra Kincade,who came into the male-dominated (and short on labor) field of aviation laterin her career. Seeing the need to start inspiring female participation at ayoung age to help close the gender gap and fill our employment shortfall, shebegan Elevate Aviation, which teaches girls about the amazing possibilitiesoffered by this non-traditional field.These are the programs that make a difference in women’s lives and will driveour economy forward. The benefits of inclusion for women and otherunderrepresented groups can be found across the full spectrum of our society,and will uplift our economy, build a stronger social fabric and help Canadastay competitive on the international stage. I’ve saved the good news forlast. When it comes to women in tech, it’s Alberta’s time to shine.We’re already leading the country in closing the gender gap in technology.Female participation in our companies is twice the national average, accordingto the Alberta Enterprise Corporation. Their landmark study, published in2019, showed that an astounding 30% of our tech firms have a female founder orco-founder. In the blockchain technology industry, where I’m a Director of theCanadian Blockchain Association for Women, I’ve seen a massive increase infemale interest and engagement over the last year.Not only are more women working in tech, but all around me, I see inspiringwomen supporting their communities and promoting our emerging companies at thehead of non-profits and innovation organizations. Technology often getsstereotyped as an industry that can be lacking in relationship development,and this is a key area where our high female participation is differentiatingus from anywhere else in Canada.Ecosystems are the crucial foundation for helping tech companies make thechallenging leap from concept to a real-world, profitable product or service.With our inspiring women leaders helping make connections, build relationshipsand create a welcoming culture, our ecosystems are the best in Canada, and thegrowth in our tech sector is showing it. I’ve made it one of my key prioritiesin 2020 to keep moving the dial on women in technology forward – let’s worktogether to make it happen.

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