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A Trusted Investment Partner## About VentureTECHVentureTECH is principally an investment company established by the Governmentof Malaysia in 2009 with the national mandate to encourage the participationof local Malaysian companies in high value-added and high technologyindustries, a key mainstay that will drive Malaysia into a sustainable high-growth economy.VentureTECH assumes a catalytic role to assist with the transformation of thenation’s economic development trajectory by advancing the capability of localtechnology based companies in targeted growth areas of bio-based, green andemerging industries with an aim to provide new opportunities for growth togenerate socio economic benefits to the country and Rakyat. This is achievedby collaborating with key ministries, lead development agencies, and financialinstitutions.VentureTECH’s mission is to increase the number of viable, competitiveregional and global companies in strategic and high value-added industries,which will be driven by our investment strategies customised to address theexisting critical funding gaps within the ecosystem.In line with the Government’s aspirations outlined in the Shared ProsperityVision 2030, VentureTECH is well-positioned to play the strategic role indriving the structural reform in economic policies, needed to accelerate theeconomy’s upward shift towards advanced and knowledge-based economy. Throughour impact investment approach, we will continue to emphasise on the socio-economic multipliers that can be created through our investments which aim toexpand the benefits to include the wider community while acceleratingproductivity growth.To further enhance the company’s impact investment role and framework,VentureTECH joins the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the leadingorganisation with breadth of global alliances, and 340 members across 47countriesworldwide within the impact investment domain dedicated to increasingthe scale and effectiveness of impact investing.VentureTECH was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the MalaysianIndustry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT).

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