texas state home largest energy industry companies

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Target Industry ClustersAcross the diverse geography of Texas, our state specializes in its own uniquearray of advanced industries, where specific infrastructure and industryknowledge has developed and continues to evolve.The industries across the Lone Star State allow companies and their workforceboundless opportunities for success.* * *## Advanced ManufacturingThe Lone Star State is a leader in the advanced technology and manufacturingsectors of the economy. Texas is home to all segments of this industryincluding, but not limited to: computer and electronic products; electricalequipment, appliance, and components; motor vehicles, bodies, trailers, andparts; food and beverage products; textile, apparel and leather products;petroleum, chemical and coal products.Texas is no stranger to large corporations, especially those specializing inadvanced technology and manufacturing. Texas Instruments, NationalInstruments, Samsung, GM, Toyota, Peterbilt, Raytheon, NXP, AMD, AppliedMaterials, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Fujitsu, BAE Systems, and UltraElectronics Advanced Tactical Systems are just some of the leading companieswith headquarters or a significant presence in Texas.Logistically, the central location of Texas is unmatched, with a completeinfrastructure, easily allowing companies to import and export products. Wehave multiple interstate highways, international airports, seaports, railwaysand international border crossings. With our excellent workforce, fair legalsystem, low taxes, and quality of life, it is no wonder so many domestic andinternational companies have chosen Texas as their home and the best place todo business.Snapshot: Manufacturing* * *## Aerospace, Aviation & DefenseTexas is one of the most important locations for the global aerospace andaviation industry in the nation. As home to two international airlines, two ofthe world’s busiest airports, 15 active military bases, and NASA’s world-famous Johnson Space Center, Texas is a key location for many of the largestglobal aerospace and aviation companies.The broad range of aerospace activities in Texas includes fighter planes andhelicopter assembly, navigation instrument development, advanced space-flightresearch, military pilot training and commercial space travel.Geographically, this industry has a substantial presence in many regions ofthe state. In North Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth region boasts the state’slargest concentration of aerospace manufacturing workers, as well as theheadquarters of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. San Antonio,sometimes referred to as “Military City, USA” is home to tens of thousands ofU.S. Air Force personnel and is a major national hub for aircraft maintenance,repair and overhaul (MRO).On the Gulf Coast, Houston is the legendary home to NASA mission control anddozens of related spaceflight contractor firms. Elsewhere in the state, one ofthe world’s largest helicopter repair facilities resides in Corpus Christi,while the cities of Amarillo, El Paso, Harlingen, McAllen, Waco and WichitaFalls all support manufacturing facilities for various Fortune 500 aerospacecompanies. Major Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) have locations in Texas providingsales and service for their general aviation (GA) and business aviation (BA)customers.Aerospace and Aviation Advisory Committee* * *## Biotechnology & Life SciencesHome to thousands of life science and research firms, Texas is one of theleading life science states in the country. Top Fortune 500 companies such asKimberly-Clark, McKesson and Celanese are based in Texas, while top globalindustry leaders such as Galderma, Novartis, Abbott, Allergan, Johnson &Johnson, and Medtronic, among others, have major operations in the state.Texas’ highly trained workforce, top-tier research institutions and business-friendly climate strengthens the state’s status as a global life scienceindustry leader. The Lone Star State is home to the world’s largest medicalcenter, the Texas Medical Center (TMC), the world’s largest children’shospital, the Texas Children’s Hospital, and the world’s largest cancerhospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center.Our state also has 13 medical universities and is continuing to expand itsnetwork with the upcoming addition of a new medical school at Sam HoustonState University. In addition, the University of Texas Health Science Centerannounced plans for a new school in Tyler. The Dell Medical School at theUniversity of Texas—Austin is the first MD-training institution in nearly 50years to be built from the ground up at a top-tier U.S. research university.* * *## EnergySince the discovery of the Spindletop oilfield in 1901, Texas has been aleader the production of energy. Texas’ geography and natural resources,excellent transportation system, skilled labor force, and leadership inenvironmental research give the state an energy advantage.The Lone Star State’s renewable energy potential is among the largest in thenation, with abundant wind, solar, and biomass resources found across thestate’s geographically diverse regions. In recent years, Texas has built uponits energy experience and trained workforce to take the lead in renewableenergy production and services. As a result, Texas has become the top state inwind generation capacity and biodiesel production. We also produce moreelectricity than any other state, generating almost twice as much as thesecond highest-producing state.Texas leads the nation in petroleum refining and chemical products production,while also being a global leader in the closely related petrochemicalindustry. Houston is not only considered the energy capital of the nation, butalso a globally-central location for virtually every segment of the petroleumindustry.Chemical companies supply products that are used to make pharmaceuticals,computers, transportation, infrastructure and other everyday items. More than50 percent of the total U.S. chemical production is produced and processed byTexas chemical manufacturers.Key players in these industries can be found all over the state withExxonMobil having a headquarters in Irving and their ExxonMobil Chemicalhaving a headquarters in Spring. You can also find major operations of Valero,Western Refining, Dow, Eastman, and Westlake Chemical.Snapshot: Traditional EnergySnapshot: Renewable Energy* * *## Information TechnologyThe information and computer technology industry has been flourishing in Texasfor years with companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, HPEnterprise Services, VCE, Cisco and National Instruments.The Lone Star State is not only the birthplace of the hand-held calculator,which was invented by Texas Instruments in 1967, but it is also home one ofthe largest technology companies—Dell, founded by Michael Dell when he was astudent at The University of Texas.The universities in Texas and other educational institutions are heavilyinvested in research and development. Rice University, Southern MethodistUniversity, The University of Texas at San Antonio and The University of Texasat Austin all have degree programs that help enhance the workforce in Texas.

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