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Tech jargon – Selling into Industries: Technology Companies Video TutorialFrom the course: Selling into Industries: Technology CompaniesVideo is locked. “### Unlock the full course today#### Join today to access over 16,600 courses taught by industry experts orpurchase this course individually.Transcripts View Offline## Welcome“- For better or worse, technology is known for a massive amount of terms andacronyms. Some of them vary company to company, but there are a number ofstandards that you should know if you’re selling into technology. It mightseem like a vocabulary lesson, but let’s quickly run through the most commonones to make sure you and your customers are on the same page. First, AI,artificial intelligence, a huge industry that uses technology to predictbehavior. Think adding intelligence to technology. HTML: Hypertext MarkupLanguage. This is a language you use to build basic functions of a website. Ifyou were cool in the early 2000s, you probably know a little bit of this fromMySpace. UX: the user experience. Pretty self-explanatory once you know theacronym. This is the experience of the user who’s using a software or product.If your product or services improves the user experience, this is a great termto bring up early. UI: the user interface. This is part of technology that theuser…## Download courses and learn on the goWatch courses on your mobile device without an internet connection. Downloadcourses using your iOS or Android LinkedIn Learning app. * Introduction Introduction * 1. Setting Yourself Up for Success 1. Setting Yourself Up for Success * 2. Tailoring Your Approach 2. Tailoring Your Approach * 3. Creating Urgency 3. Creating Urgency * 4. Closing the Deal 4. Closing the Deal *

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