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Emerging technology-innovation trends in Financial ServicesAgility and speed are key drivers for the transformation of the financialservices industry. Our theme for this year’s TechnoVision is ‘Be Like Water’,which focuses on the fluid strategies and architectures of a modern TechnologyBusiness. To achieve this adaptability, Banks & Insurers must use digitalsystems and services to transform into nimble, customer-focused organizations.Uncertainty barely describes what is happening. At the outbreak of thepandemic, technology adoption helped businesses with survival and continuity;transforming thereafter to creating resilience in a new business reality. Now,business and technology leaders must use technology to fuel a renaissance – adigital revolution – reimagining business models and reordering new andexisting players in a rapidly evolving, technology-driven network.We are proud to bring the Financial Services edition of TechnoVision 2021 toyou. TechnoVision, in its 13th year, is our holistic approach to technology,to enable organizations anticipate the new trends, assess their potential,validate their enterprise readiness and exploit them. This edition illustratesand brings to life how some Banks and Insurers have embraced upcomingtechnology trends articulated through TechnoVision building blocks, towardsdriving technology fueled growth and business success.You can also read the TechnoVision Change Making report to understand theseemerging trends in detail.What is the TechnoVision framework:TechnoVision categorizes technology drivers into six containers that cover the‘what’ of Technology Business trends and one container of overarching designprinciples, the ‘how’ of creating a balanced Technology Business.Two core containers cover trends in the foundational building areas ofinfrastructure and applications, named Invisible Infostructure andApplications Unleashed respectively. Two more form the spine of any innovativeIT household, Thriving on Data for leveraging data and Process on the Fly toleverage processes. The final two containers cover channels to the outside,connected world, You Experience for creating seamless, individualized userexperiences, and We Collaborate to tap into the power of social connectivity.The final container of overarching design principles (the ‘how’) that shouldbe kept as part of a mindset – and a powerful checklist to apply – throughoutthe journey towards becoming a fully portable, continuously flowing, and wellbalanced Technology Business: Balance by Design.These containers are built of 37 building blocks, described through shortsummaries, designed to cover emerging technology trends in each of therespective containers. These are also linked to use cases and stories towardsbanking, insurance and cross-sector applications to inform and inspire you onhow these tech-trends can be adopted by businesses.How to read TechnoVision:Depending on your area or tech-stack of interest, you can either zoom in toany one of the containers and read them individually or read the whole for anoverview. If you are a first-time reader, we would recommend reading the“Overview of TechnoVision” on page 5.How to apply TechnoVision:TechnoVision along with being a report that informs you of the impact ofemerging technology-trends is also a tool. It helps you tell your TechnologyBusiness story – and you can apply a series of engaging tools to help yourorganization think about future trends in information technology.Read our full guide to applying TechnoVisionYour role is to help your business take advantage of emerging trends ininformation technology. Let us help you on that journey.### Schedule a TechnoVision discussion with our expertsThank You! We have received your form submission.We are sorry, the form submission failed. Please try again.

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