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NMTC Visionary AwardsThe NMTC create collaborative events for its members to build the STEM-educated workforce and advance technology and innovation.This awards ceremony includes all three as it honors the individuals doing thecreating, building, and advancing for the benefit of our regional community.This gala , now virtual, includes key corporate sponsors, leading educationinstitutions, senior Aberdeen Proving Ground leaders and scientists, NMTC’ssenior leadership and member company presidents and other distinguishedattendees.Our honorees are recommended by the Academy of Visionary Awards along with theNMTC Visionary Awards Committee – a very deliberative process and worthy ofthe contributions these honorees make continuously to our community. TheAcademy of Visionary Awards will now total 137 honorees of these awards.NMTC Visionary Awards for Building the STEM Educated Workforce and AdvancingOur Technology & Innovation Base Award Criteria VISIONARY Award – Long-term significant contributions to community well-beingdisplayed as a personal commitment to building the STEM educated workforce andadvancing our innovation and technology base with demonstrated qualities ofenlightened leadership.LEADER Award – Consistent contribution to building the STEM educated workforceand advancing our innovation and technology base in a public way that inspiresothers to help in accomplishing shared goals. These individuals solveenterprise-wide issues, create practical solutions, and engage others in theprocess.INNOVATOR Award – Exceptional personal efforts that measurably benefit thedevelopment of the STEM educated workforce and advancing our innovation andtechnology base. These individuals consistently show potential for broadpositive impact in the community with the potential to revolutionize anindustry, way of life, or organizationMENTOR Award – Consistent track record of going above and beyond to volunteerknowledge, experiences, and wisdom. These individuals stimulate and inspiregreatness in students and teachers or guide the resources of a team toimplement an innovative technology-based solution with outstanding results forthe sponsoring organization.RISING STAR Award – This individual, in a bold way, demonstrates the potentialto be a long-term contributor to building the STEM educated workforce or havecreated a pioneering innovation or application for an existing technology bystarting a company or establishing a breakthrough within a largerorganization.

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