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6 Technical Writer Interview Questions and AnswersTechnical writers will have to create different types of content, includingblogs and white papers. This question allows hiring managers to learn aboutcandidates’ experience producing a wide range of technical content required bytheir company. A skilled technical writer will be able to write white papers,articles, blogs, case studies and other types of content based on thecompany’s requirements. The candidate’s answer should emphasize: * In-depth knowledge of content creation * Knowledge of the company’s content needs * FlexibilityExample:“A blog is usually a piece expressing the opinion of the author on a technicalor non-technical issue. In a corporate setting, it is used to reflect thecompany or an executive’s thoughts or opinion on a matter. A white paper is apiece of writing created to deliver technical facts to a professional orbusiness audience. White papers are like reports but they are written in aneasy-to-understand language and persuade the audience to take decisionsdesirable to the company that wrote it.”

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