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About Us – TechChill#### TechChill FoundationIn short about TechChill. We are a non-profit organization with an aim to helpLatvian and Baltic startups succeed in the world. We do so by filling the gapsin knowledge, skills, and network. In practice, it means that we invite thebest people from different fields to visit Riga for TechChill conference andwe go around the world and promote Latvian and Baltic companies andecosystems. We organize various smaller events during the year to boost thestartup ecosystem from different angles – we attract the next leaders andfounders via our student events, we help startups to attract the best talent,we host matchmaking as well as networking events. See all our activities here.#### TechChill Conference The main event of the year for us is TechChill conference, Having grown from asmall grassroots movement of like-minded tech enthusiasts, TechChillcelebrates the best of the Baltic startup community by annually bringingtogether 2000+ attendees, including the fastest-growing startups, mostinnovative corporations, investors active in the region and talented techenthusiasts. TechChill is organized by a non-profit foundation of the samename, empowering the Baltic startup ecosystem throughout the year.Every year in spring we gather in Riga for a three-day event – Day 0 is a fullday full of Workshops, Demo Days, Investor Day, Media and more events,followed by two-day agenda at TechChill main venue featuring 90+ speakers ontwo stages, Roundtable discussions, Startup Expo, Business Expo, Matchmakingarea for the 1100+ startup & investor meetings and 15+ side events, as well assome legendary afterparties.#### Welcome to the BalticsThe Baltic region is a great place to do business. It’s booming with talentedentrepreneurs ready to take on new challenges. Riga offers a great lifequality and infrastructure, one of the fastest internet speeds in the worldand links to most capitals in Europe.The region has been a historic crosspoint between East and West, with the techindustry now reinvigorating this tradition in the digital age. Latvia’sstartup ecosystem provides an unparalleled mix of reasonable startup costs,access to international talent, startup-friendly regulation, and TechChill isyour way in.#### HistoryTechChill has always been organized by the community, for the community.TechCrunch Baltics, the first edition of TechChill, was organized inpartnership with TechCrunch as a launch event of the first co-working spacefor startups in Riga – TechHub Riga, in 2012.At its inception, TechChill was one of the many projects at TechHub Riga. Butin 2015 Marija Ručevska took over the project and brought it to the next level– adding global ambition, growing the team, and event x2 each year. By 2017,TechChill outgrew its role as a “side-project” at TechHub Riga and wasestablished as an independent non-profit foundation, empowering the startupecosystem throughout the year.In a span of just 6 years, what started as a community gathering grew into totwo-day conference bringing together 2000+ attendees, while still maintaininga relaxed atmosphere and its signature size that fosters connection-building.The Next edition of TechChill takes place on February 17-19, 2021 in Riga,Latvia, join us there.#### TechChill in the media// Riga’s startups are putting little Latvia on the big tech map (Wired)// Latvia’s Tech Hub Of Riga Is Leading The Way For Women…And Drones (Forbes)// How this shy country wants to become the Silicon Valley of the Baltics (TheNext Web)// TechChill: Founders, Entrepreneurs, Challengers and Curious Minds (IrishTech News)

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