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A Simple Guide to Understanding Tech Support JargonIf you’ve attended a meeting before with an outsourced tech support agency orwith professionals in the industry, then you’ve probably encountered someoneblurting out tech terms incomprehensible to others outside the field. Duringthese situations, someone almost always ends up saying, “In English, please.”This familiar image rings true to customers talking to tech supportspecialists and support specialists working with anyone outside theirdepartment. It’s like a conversation with two people speaking in two differentlanguages.It can be quite overwhelming for people who aren’t technologically well-versedto explain a complicated issue to a specialist. In the same way, it can bedifficult for experts to find and offer solutions if that person is unable tocommunicate the problem clearly. The future success of technical supportdepends on how well your team is able to overcome these “language barriers”.## Get in the Know With the TechnobabbleTo anyone but a tech specialist, jargon and error messages may appear likejust a hunk of gibberish. As an IT worker, business owner, or professional ina technical industry, it’s your responsibility to familiarize yourself withthese terms in case you encounter them. More importantly, ”talking the talk”will help in keeping a smooth flow of communication between you and youroutsourced tech support team, allowing you to build a more productive workingrelationship with them.What you need is a glossary of no-fuss, snackable definitions of technicaljargon to wrap your head around unfamiliar terms quickly. To help you bridgethe language gap, here are 40 tech terms broken down for everyone’sunderstanding. It’s time to crack the code!## Tips to Ensure Your Tech Support Conversation Goes SmoothlyCommunication is a give-and-take process—working with a tech supportspecialist is exclusively about that. When you encounter an issue way beyondyour knowledge and control, there goes your tech team to the rescue. You haveto work together to make the job a little less complicated to resolve theissue as quickly as possible.Here are ways to make your conversation with your outsourced tech supportspecialist a more pleasant and less painful experience. * ### Be Prepared Before Making the CallBefore you ring them up or message them about your concern, make sure that youknow what to say. The more prepared you are to explain the details, the lesstime you’ll have to spend going round and round about the problem. Here are afew things to observe before you pick up the phone:Timeline: When did the issue turn up? How long has it been occurring since?Troubleshooting: Have you tried fixing the problem yourself before? Whether itmade the problem worse or held it off for awhile, you need to let your techstaff know if you’ve done anything already.Error message: For instance, System Error Codes, Browser Error Codes, BlueScreen of Death (BSoD)If there are no error messages, write down exactly what’s going on (e.g.,screen freezes every time you open a specific application). Saying “it juststopped working” won’t help.Write these down before you call for help. Not only will this help your techsupport better understand the issue, but it’ll give then more time andpossibly less effort to find a solution. * ### Explain the Problem ClearlyWhen it’s time to report the problem, you can’t just point to the screen andshrug your shoulders implying you have no idea what happened. You need to givethem more than “the internet doesn’t work.”Vague: “The internet stopped working.”Clear: “Chrome stopped working, but Firefox works fine.”Explain in full detail what you did before and after the issue arose. Don’thold back any information. You wouldn’t know which are irrelevant and whicharen’t, so telling them as much detail as possible can help speed up theprocess.Before you ask “are you sure this will work?” Test it out first. Make surethat you follow all the steps.If your tech support asks you to check something, you need to follow theinstructions to the letter. Even if you’ve tested it before and found nothing,do as they say—they know what they’re on to. There’s a reason why they’rewalking you through this, so it’s crucial that you follow their lead. If youdon’t understand the instruction, don’t be afraid to ask.One way to prevent miscommunication is by repeating after what they say. Forexample:Support specialist: “Go to menu A, look for X then click Y, then select Z.”You: “Okay, I found menu A, I clicked on X, then I clicked y, and then z.”Doesn’t this sound clearer than “Okay, done”? Repeating what they’re saying asyou go through the steps—being more specific—both of you will feel confidentthat you’ve completed the instruction. This proves that you understood eachother.Also called a reference number or incidence number, a ticket number refers toyour tech support’s ticket management system which records the problems theyreceive.They are required to track the details of your call in the reference number soif another specialist has to take over, he or she can pick up from where youleft off. This especially helps if you need to call again.## TL; DRDon’t let the language barrier become this huge, thick wall between you andyour tech staff. You’ll misinterpret some techy terms, but don’t worry. Thisjust means you have to be more patient and mindful of the gap—and find ways onhow you can both meet halfway. Brushing up your knowledge on some technobabbleand avoiding costly tech support mistakes is a good start.Support specialists are always happy to help and solve mysteries. Having anexcellent outsourced tech support in your team to walk you and your customersthrough any technology crisis can help you get back to work in no time,keeping your business operations running ever so smoothly.The tech support world can be difficult to navigate without the right supportstaff. Find out how the experts at Intelligent Bee can help improve yourbusiness today!

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