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Want to know what makes a great tech consultant at Deloitte?Tech consultancy is an exciting career right now, but what is it like? Andwhat skills do you need?Working as a tech consultant can be an extremely rewarding career, especiallyin the age of digital transformation. You get the opportunity to solve yourclients’ problems using technology solutions.But what makes a great tech consultant? Is knowledge of technology the mostimportant trait? We spoke to Harry Goddard, head of consulting at Deloitte,about what a great tech consultant looks like.Goddard said that the ones who stand out are those who don’t just come withthe tech knowledge.“One of the things that differentiates Deloitte in the market from our peersand for our clients is that our consultants not just have a really deepunderstanding of technology, but that they really understand the business.”He said they bring their communication skills and their intuition to theirclients. “[They bring] that inquisitive nature to really understand what’shappening within the business and how can they really exploit technology todrive performance improvement with that organisation.”While working as a technology consultant in a big firm might sound exciting,it can also sound a bit daunting. Working with major clients across a widevariety of projects and portfolios can appear overwhelming to those juststarting out.However, senior solutions manager Lucia Navaza said that along with thetraining she can access at Deloitte, she is able to work with a lot ofexperienced people and has learned a lot from them.“You have mentors that try to push you to get to the next level and theyalways try to find the right path for you,” she said.Navaza also said that the large portfolio of projects helps to forward hercareer. “You can find your path in those projects, and the diversity of theprojects will help you get there.”VIDEOThe projects tech consultants work on can be the most exciting thing about therole. Ruairi Allen, director in technology consulting, said these projects are“genuinely having an impact on both the citizens and businesses of Ireland,which I find really exciting”.Allen added that Deloitte offers a well-organised learning and developmentpathway, and it has fantastic people working within the business.“I found I got to work with role models every day and that has really helpedme learn by osmosis, and develop my career and potential.”

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