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20 of the Best Tech Industry PublicationsIn this digital-centric era, it’s essential to keep track of the constantchanges and to have a clear idea of what’s next. Bookmarking a roster of top-notch resources makes a big difference. So, we’ve compiled twenty of the topsites we watch for tech news and cross-industry perspectives.For this list, we leaned toward tech blogs and sites doing original reportingand commentary. Together, these publications provide an expansive view ofeverything that’s going on around the tech world.## Must-Read Tech Industry PublicationsArs Technica – Founded the same year as Media Temple, Ars Technica (meaning“the art of technology”) covers a wide-range of topics with a tech-centricperspective. It’s notable for its in-depth blend of news, analysis, andadvice.CNET – A longtime giant in the tech news space, CNET’s coverage includes news,reviews, and how-tos across a broad spectrum of tech areas. The large softwaredownload site operates as part of CNET as well.Data Center Knowledge – Focused on the backbone of the web, this publicationdelivers daily news and analysis on the data center industry, includingmanaged services, the cloud, power and cooling technology, networks,colocation, processor and server architecture and more. If you’re an IT oroperations pro, Data Center Knowledge should be bookmarked.Hosting Advice – Follow daily blog posts from web-hosting experts giving youthe inside scoop on the industry and its developing technology and software.InfoWorld – Technology decision makers can find in-depth analysis ofenterprise technology, including specific topics like software development,cloud computing, machine learning, and more. Their network of journalists andtechnologists offer opinion, feature articles, enterprise product reviews, andwhite papers.Mashable – Mashable is perhaps best known for covering the intersection oftechnology and culture. This leading online publication explores all thingstechnology through news and reviews, expanding out into social media andentertainment.The Next Web – Another sprawling publication diving into all areas of theworld of technology, TNW suits a wide gamut of professionals and onlookers,whether you fall more toward tech, creative, or business. Find stories,insights, and events related to apps, gear, and all things tech.Network World – For network and IT executives who manage business solutions,Network World provides a robust offering of news and resources. Part ofInternational Data Group (IDG), the site digs into cloud computing, datacenters, home tech, mobile and wireless, small business, and more.PC Mag – A revered publication for well over two decades, PC Mag’s contentrevolves around a massive core of tech product reviews and analysis.Accompanying the product coverage is news, trend reports, and spotlights oncompany innovation.ReadWrite – This media platform dedicates itself to tech innovation’s role inbusiness, whether it’s the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, fintech, orthe broader connected world. Their content intersects enterprise andentrepreneurs and ranges from practical security to visionary AI.Smashing Magazine – Smashing is a creator’s paradise, zeroing in on the designand development side of tech. Build your skills around coding, design, mobile,graphic, WordPress, and more with its how-tos, best practices, books, andconferences.TechCrunch – With an emphasis on startups and the business of tech, TechCrunchhas built a reputation for breaking tech news and analysis. It’s also knownfor hosting the major tech conference TechCrunch Disrupt.Tech Republic – IT decision makers will be at home with Tech Republic and itsbusiness-focused news and features. With sweeping news coverage, forums, and alibrary of resources on topics like big data, project management, andvirtualization, there’s a lot to take in here.Threatpost – No list of tech publications can be complete without attentionpaid to security. With malware and vulnerability exploitation always on therise, Threatpost’s breaking news, feature reports, and commentary have provenan essential resource in keeping tabs on cybersecurity and cloud security.Venture Beat – Taking pride in its coverage of artificial intelligence andmachine learning, Venture Beat gears its technology reporting toward techexecutives, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Find news and perspective oninnovation across the cloud, mobile, small business, enterprise, and more.The Verge – The tech-centric arm of Vox Media, The Verge’s central tenet isthat technology has migrated from the fringes to the center of everyday life.And its coverage reflects that, keeping a bead on the ever-evolving digitalinfluence on media, transportation, science, culture, andWeb Hosting Talk – This sprawling, active forum covers every aspect of webhosting. You’ll find industry announcements, recommendations, and discussionson everything from high-tech cloud solutions to bare-metal servers.WebProNews – A wide array of topics provide insight across numerousdisciplines. Whether you’re a web professional centered on development,business, IT management, or advertising and marketing, you’ll find breakingnews on your corner of tech.Wired – Over nearly 30 years, Wired has earned its name exploring the waystechnology is changing human life. With a strong editorial vision, it offersin-depth coverage of current trends and future-thinking developments acrossbusiness, culture, design, gear, science, and more.ZDNet – Centered on the perspective of IT professionals and decision makers,ZDNet serves up an extensive collection of breaking news and analysis on areaslike mobile, IoT, the cloud, AI, and more.

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