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The Best Places in the World to Work in TechWith the booming tech industry, opportunities are growing rapidly across theglobe. Tech giants are expanding to tap into the talent base spread acrossdifferent parts of the world. Skilled professionals are also looking for thebest places to work with the best companies.But, the question is: How do you define the best? Here we’ll explore the bestplaces with the best opportunities, based on some of the biggest influencingfactors.## How to EvaluateHow do you decide which is the best place with the best opportunities? Thecomparison is always relative, as the evaluation parameters are relative. Somepeople may consider salary, growth, etc., as the main criteria, whereas otherscan consider job stability or work-life balance as the main factors.Here, our effort is to consider those parameters which are priorities for ahigh percentage of the tech workforce. But keep in mind that evaluation likethis is always relative, hence varies from person to person. (Finding theright career is just as important as finding the right location. Learn more inTake Charge of Your Career – Advice From Experienced IT Pros.)## What Are the Parameters?People often think that the financial or location aspects of a job are themain criteria. But, we should remember that money cannot be the only decidingfactor. Potential job seekers should have a successful career as well as anenjoyable lifestyle. So, the parameters are selected based on several aspects.Let’s explore some of the most important parameters.### Job marketA good job market means good opportunities for those who are looking for jobs.It also indicates growing new opportunities. As a result, people will find iteasy to get new jobs. People strive for job continuity, but they also like toknow there are new opportunities, so they can easily switch if necessary.Therefore, a job market that is already saturated is not a good destination.### Average salaryPeople should not necessarily think about the highest and lowest salary, butshould consider the average salary paid by the different organizations. If theaverage salary is good, then you can always rely on it and move forward.Salaries offered by the same organization can vary widely from one location toanother because the cost of living varies from place to place. Therefore, acareful calculation is required before selecting the job location.### Cost of livingThis is something which people often forget to consider. Imagine that you’veselected your dream location and organization, but the cost of living is toohigh in that city. What will happen? Your income will be eaten up by thecostly living standards, which you can’t control. Hence, it is not a wisedecision to relocate to a place where a large percentage of your income mustbe spent on basic necessities.### Commute timeIf your commute is consuming good amounts of your daily time, then that meansyou have less time for yourself and your family. Some companies allow “workfrom home” opportunities, which is a great way to cut down your commute time.### Medical and health care systemMedical and health is one of the most important factors to consider. If thelocation has good and affordable health care facilities, then that can be adeciding factor in the choice to relocate.## Ranking the Best PlacesThe following are some of the best places to work in tech industry based onthe parameters discussed above.### 1. BerlinGermany’s capital Berlin tops the list. It is believed to have the world’sfastest growing startup ecosystem for tech. Affordable living costs are amajor attraction, along with the average commute time amounting to just 23minutes.### 2. AustinAustin has popped up as the alternative to skyrocketing rents in SiliconValley. An abundance of living and office spaces, along with newer jobs, hasmade it an exciting place to be a tech professional.### 3. TorontoDespite being in its growth stages, Toronto has a good tech scene hostingleading research centers for data science, AI and even stem cell research.Living standards in the city are high and rent is affordable, making it one ofthe best places, with much more to come in the future. (Want to know what ajob in data science is like? Check out Job Role: Data Scientist.)### 4. San FranciscoSan Francisco, part of Silicon Valley, has been the mecca for tech jobs eversince the 1930s. It hosts some of the most innovative companies boasting theworld’s leading minds. However, living costs have shot upward, with rents thatare excruciatingly high, even for senior engineers. Still, it remains the mostprestigious city to work in the tech world.### 5. BostonDespite being behind early on in the competition, Boston has been catching upin recent years. With noted educational institutions to back up recent successstories of HubSpot and TripAdvisor, Boston is a great alternative to SiliconValley due to its vibrant lifestyle and toned down cost of living.### 6. StockholmIn one of the most progressive countries in the world, Sweden’s capitalStockholm naturally grabs attention. The city has spawned the likes ofSpotify, Skype and Ericsson, and has been at the forefront of tech innovation.Also, top-notch living standards and a growing job market make it a techworker’s dream city.### 7. SingaporeDespite being well known as a financial hub, Singapore is now taking its placeas a tech hub as well. The arrival of Google, LinkedIn and Facebook onlyestablishes this fact. Along with increasingly good infrastructure, the LionCity promises a plethora of opportunities for tech workers.### 8. AmsterdamAmsterdam has about 600 IT firms and has been developing a great reputationfor being an important place for data centers. A tech career in Amsterdam canbe a wise choice as the city not only has good living standards, but alsooffers an active and fulfilling social life. Leonardo Soares, softwaredeveloper at Mollie Payments, explains, “It was very easy to blend in [inAmsterdam] because everyone speaks English.”### 9. SeattleSeattle is another city that has a rich tech history. Microsoft and Amazon arethe finest examples of this. There has been a greater growth of tech jobvacancies in Seattle of late, making it a great alternative for tech workers.### 10. LondonAlthough there is some some uncertainty surrounding Brexit, London is still agreat city for tech workers. The city relies on international workers for 13%of its digital sector workforce, and if one has the skills, this city is anexciting place. However, the cost of living can be high, and is something thatmust be taken into consideration.### 11. Tel AvivTel Aviv is known to have one of the highest startup densities in the worldand a large percentage of these are in the tech sector. However, the inclusionof Tel Aviv is unconventional as its tech scene largely constitutes militaryresearch and development projects. Presently though, many global firms areestablishing themselves in the city.### 12. BangaloreIndia has been on the IT map for some time now, largely due to its risingsoftware services industry. Bangalore, located in the south of the country, isthe go-to place for tech workers. The city also counts on a huge pool oftalent coming from every corner of the country. Bangalore is a global hub forthe tech industry and is an exciting city to work in.## What We’ve LearnedWhile no list like this can ever be conclusive, and some people may disagreewith the rankings, we’ve tried our best to weigh the most important factorsfairly so that tech pros can take a look at the hottest places in tech, anddecide which might be the best fit.So, where will your career take you?

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