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Interesting Facts about the USA Tech Industry Infographic# Interesting Facts about the USA Tech Industry InfographicPosted on February 16, 2017## Interesting Facts about the USA Tech Industry InfographicThe first major technological success in the US was when Benjamin Franklincaptured lighting in a jar. The US has led other economies in technologicaladvancement since that breakthrough. Redwerk, a software company, compiled allthe interesting facts about the technology industry in the US in a graphicrepresentation. The facts about the USA Tech Industry in the infographic rangefrom the average age of game users to the number of hours that people spend onthe internet. Redwerk includes its contribution to the US tech industrythrough innovative and new technical solutions. The tech company also outlinesits solutions to different clientele in the presentation.Embed this Infographic on your site or blog!Copy code The code has been copied to clipboard!Stay up to date on the latest eLearning news, articles, and free resourcessent straight to your inbox!

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