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20 Top Tech Companies In Toronto To KnowWhile dozens of cities across North America have become synonymous with thetech space, there’s one that stands out among the rest in terms of rapid techgrowth — and it’s not exactly close to Silicon Valley. In truth, Toronto hasproven to be by far one of the fastest growing tech epicenters, touting aglobal presence that stems from a diverse range of industries. Labeled a“startup hotspot” by Inc. Magazine, Toronto’s ascent into tech stardom reachedits height over the past decade, when industry giants like Google, Twitter andMicrosoft established satellite offices across the city, and fledglingcompanies began opening up in droves. According to a 2019 CBRE report, Torontoranks third among North American cities in terms of tech talent and boastsnearly the same number of tech jobs as the San Francisco Bay Area.There’s no question that Toronto’s booming tech community is reshaping thecity’s economic landscape. With a notable influx of venture capital and strongties to nearby tech hub Kitchener-Waterloo, the city is slated to become aglobal tech leader. This surge in worldwide status is promising news for thecity’s established tech companies, which will undoubtedly benefit from thearea’s burgeoning tech presence. From fintech to healthtech, Toronto’s techcompanies span a wide range of sectors — a demonstration of the diversity ofthe city’s tech scene. Whether they’re developing smart home devices orreinventing remote education, these 20 tech companies in Toronto are doingtheir part to make the Canadian capital a hotbed of invention and disruption.## Tech Companies in Toronto to Know * Top Hat * Loopio * Tulip * TradeRev * Coinsquare * Mavencare * Rubikloud Technologies * EcobeeEcobee## EcobeeFounded: 2007Focus: Home ElectronicsWhat they do: Launched by Stuart Lombard, Ecobee creates smart home productsdesigned to help consumers save money and conserve energy. The company’sdevices include smart thermostats, cameras, sensors and air filters, all ofwhich are developed to work seamlessly together and can connect with users’smartphones to ensure optimal home security. Ecobee also offers its ownsubscription-based thermostat management software, SmartBuildings, which isintended to help commercial and multi-family buildings optimize energysavings.Top Hat## Top HatFounded: 2009Focus: EdtechWhat they do: Top Hat has created a higher education teaching app that helpsprofessors more closely connect with students. The app enables instructors tostream lectures in real time, record class meetings, take attendance, presentand edit slides, and create polls, quizzes and discussions. Partnering withmore than 750 universities across North America, Top Hat provides studentsaccess to digital textbooks, assignments, and online tests and exams.TradeRev## TradeRevFounded: 2009Focus: AutotechWhat they do: Acquired by KAR Global in 2017, TradeRev aims to reinvent theauto industry with its vehicle appraisal and auctioning system. Through thecompany’s platform, dealers and buyers can launch live, dealer-to-dealerauctions, offering the ability to sell vehicles on-demand while generatingreal-time pricing information. TradeRev’s technology is designed to bringtransparency to the automotive auction space.Flybits## FlybitsFounded: 2013Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: Flybits enables micro-personalized experiences to help itsclients create value for their customers. The company’s contextualrecommendation engine helps businesses better understand their customers byaggregating data and making it more accessible, which ultimately leads toincreased engagement, greater loyalty and higher ROI. Flybits works primarilywith retail banking, wealth management and insurance clients.CareGuide## CareGuideFounded: 2012Focus: Care ServicesWhat they do: CareGuide is dedicated to matching families with high-qualitycare providers through its portfolio of websites. The company helps its usersdiscover child care, housekeeping services, elder care and pet care, which canbe accessed through websites like, and’s website, HeartPayroll, helps people more easily pay caregivers,offering competitive pricing and seamless processing capabilities.Sensibill## SensibillFounded: 2013Focus: FintechWhat they do: Sensibill provides digital banking tools intended to fosterstronger relationships between financial institutions and their customers. Thecompany’s suite of tools enables users to acquire customers with a truedifferentiator, increase mobile and card usage, personalize offers to growproduct holdings, increase customer retention and boost referral rates.Sensibill works with banks located throughout North America and the U.K.Wattpad## WattpadFounded: 2006Focus: EntertainmentWhat they do: Founded by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, Wattpad is a global multi-platform entertainment company that facilitates the creation and distributionof content across various formats. Their social storytelling platform allowsartists to create, build and amplify their stories, boasting more than 50writing resources. Wattpad’s aim is to connect untapped, talented writers withleading multi-media entertainment companies.Think Research## Think ResearchFounded: 2006Focus: HealthtechWhat they do: Think Research is a healthcare software company that aims toorganize the world’s health knowledge to ensure all people get the best care.The company’s knowledge-based tools empower clinicians at the point of careand across all sectors, while their in-house team of physicians, pharmacists,nurses and nurse practitioners consolidate research into actionable insights.Think Research’s solutions are designed to reduce costs and inefficiencies andfit seamlessly into clinical workflows, thus improving clinical pathways andpatient outcomes.Influitive## InfluitiveFounded: 2010Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: Influitive helps its clients discover, nurture and mobilizecustomer advocates to drive top-line growth and bottom-line profits. Thecompany’s platform is designed to drive engagement and customer growth atscale by combining customer advocacy tools, expert services and training withintelligent automation, gamification and personalization features. Influitiveworks with a wide range of global brands including IBM, Oracle, Cisco andAdobe.Loopio## LoopioFounded: 2014Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: Loopio has developed response software that streamlines the wayenterprises respond to RFPs, RFIs and security questionnaires. The softwarefeatures a multi-language library, customized categories, duplicate detectionand an attachment library, all of which makes sales content more accessibleand enables collaboration across the organization. Loopio’s client baseincludes Bugcrowd, DocuSign, HedgeServ, Citrix and Netskope.Rubikloud Technologies## Rubikloud TechnologiesFounded: 2013Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: Rubikloud Technologies aims to reshape the retail space throughthe use of intelligent decision automation. Their cloud-native AI platformleverages retail-specific machine learning models to accurately forecastpromotion performance, improve promotion planning and optimize everyday priceand assortment. Rubikloud also provides an enterprise SaaS data platform builtto handle enterprise data workloads.Coinsquare## CoinsquareFounded: 2014Focus: CryptocurrencyWhat they do: Coinsquare has created a platform for trading bitcoin, Ethereum,XRP and other cryptocurrencies. The company’s proprietary platform runsmultiple encrypted and distributed backups daily, while its QuickTrade featureinstantly enables trades between any two currencies. Coinsquare is committedto focusing on transparency, risk mitigation, and building a regulated andsafe environment for the trading of digital assets.Taplytics## TaplyticsFounded: 2013Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: Taplytics aims to help businesses deliver personalized customerexperiences that span mobile, email, web and more. The company’s customerexperience automation platform allows users to deliver unique cross-channelexperiences at scale, elevating customer relationships and optimizing customertouchpoints. Additionally, Taplytics’ suite of services are intended to helpenterprises of all sizes optimize their products, begin testing immediatelyand grow their team’s skills.Deep Genomics## Deep GenomicsFounded: 2014Focus: BiotechWhat they do: Founded by Brendan Frey, Deep Genomics utilizes AI, biology andautomation to develop life-saving genetic therapies. Their AI-powereddiscovery platform helps the company’s team of geneticists, molecularbiologists and chemists identify the best drug candidates. Deep Genomicsultimately focuses on the development and marketing of oligonucleotidetherapies that target the genetic determinants of disease at the level of RNAor DNA.Tulip## TulipFounded: 2014Focus: Retail TechWhat they do: Tulip has developed a SaaS-based mobile platform designed toempower retailers and more closely connect customer and store associateexperiences. The company creates mobile applications that enable all aspectsof the retail experience, from assisted selling to point of sale. Tulip’smission is to modernize and transform the in-store experience for retailerslike Saks Fifth Avenue, Kate Spade and Bonobos.Mavencare## MavencareFounded: 2014Focus: HealthtechWhat they do: Mavencare is dedicated to providing high-quality, family-focusedhome care to senior citizens. The company allows users to book and monitorhome care appointments at any time, utilizing mobile technology that providesseniors with appointment updates and medication reminders. Mavencare is guidedby the aim to enable elderly patients to receive care from the comfort oftheir homes.EventMobi## EventMobiFounded: 2010Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: EventMobi enables event planners and marketers to deliverinteractive, memorable experiences through the company’s event app platform.Their event management software enables users to collect registrations, fosterattendees’ connections, schedule important reminders, collect feedback andgather insights through live reporting. Boasting clients from a broad range ofindustries, EventMobi also offers a virtual event platform for online andhybrid conferences.1Password## 1PasswordFounded: 2005Focus: Computer + Network SecurityWhat they do: 1Password enables its users to save their passwords so they canlog in to sites with a single click. The company’s technology recordsusernames and passwords during sign in and keeps them secure by trackingpassword breaches and other security problems. 1Password works with a varietyof clients including Geckoboard, Netguru and Unbabel.Achievers## AchieversFounded: 2002Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: Achievers helps drive organizational success by enablingbusinesses to activate employee participation and accelerate a culture ofperformance. The company’s employee engagement platform gets rid of the needfor disparate rewards and recognitions processes by allowing users toacknowledge each other’s contributions, communicate effectively and quantifytheir results. Achievers’s diverse client base boasts organizations such asMcDonald’s, Ericsson, General Motors and Availity.Flipp## FlippFounded: 2007Focus: Retail TechWhat they do: Flipp seeks to change the way consumers shop by helpingretailers and brands transform their businesses. The company’s next-generationdigital shopping marketplace connects its partners with shoppers to driveincremental sales and deliver personalized experiences. Flipp empowers usersto make informed shopping decisions while saving them time and money.###### Photos via Shutterstock and social media

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