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Cities for Technical ProfessionalsIf you live in the same reality as we do, you’ll sure agree that modern peopleseem to be falling into two camps – those with a tech job and those trying toget one. Well, it’s obviously a little too dramatized but still close to whatis happening in the global job market these days. Tech jobs are well-paid,popular, and promising at least because they don’t seem to become a thing ofthe past anytime soon. Let’s find out what are the best American cities for astartup and tech specialist in 2021.It follows that the young bet on tech when choosing their future career, theadults have no choice but to retrain and compete with the young, while theelderly, with very few exceptions, find themselves on the bounds of the jobmarket. And this trend points unambiguously to one thing: if you want to haveat least some confidence regarding your professional future, you should makesure your job is somewhat related to the tech industry.With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of American cities that are bestfor finding your next (or first) tech job in 2021. Unlike the majoritypublications on this topic, we won’t list the obvious choices like SanFrancisco, New York, or Los Angeles. Everyone knows that these cities are agift in terms of salaries and a nightmare in terms of living costs. So sitcomfortably and get ready to learn what city will help you find your next techjob, but won’t drain your purse over the long term.This is how the list of best cities for tech career looks like when we take itone step further and not overlook such a crucial factor as a cost of living.## Seattle, WACost of Living & Rent Index: 78.67 Median Salary for Tech Job: $98,215 Most well-known tech companies: Microsoft, Amazon, MozA couple of weeks back, Seattle has been featured on our list of best Americancities for young professionals. And this means at least one thing – Seattleboasts great job opportunities, relatively affordable housing, and attractivemedian salary. Some people (feel free to call them desperate advocates of theBay Area) might not agree that Seattle is the right place for an A+ career intech. However, the truth is that Seattle is one of the greatest alternativesto high-cost tech hubs. It is a fast-growing city that’s been doing great ingaining the reputation of a new tech-magnet for the last few years. Good job,Seattle. You are now on the list.## Arlington, VACost of Living & Rent Index: 80.46 Median Salary for Tech Job: $96,605 Most well-known tech companies: PBS, Capterra, OneWebBeing one of 15 America’s most popular cities among tech job seekers,Arlington might seem like the most counter-intuitive choice to make. But ifyou dare to take a closer look, you’ll be surprised. According to the findingsof Indeed, Arlington is narrowly beating San Jose and San Francisco in thesegment of mobile developer jobs. The city has got the third highest salaryrate in the entire US for this position. Sorry for a hint at an obvious, buthere it is: if you’re a mobile developer, the city of Arlington is sure wortha try.## San Francisco, CACost of Living & Rent Index: 88.69 Median Salary for Tech Job: $113,497 Most well-known tech companies: Dropbox, Medium, RentberryFor the last five years, San Francisco has grown significantly as aninnovation powerhouse. So far, it leads the list of the cities with thebiggest share of venture investments. In 2016, San Francisco managed toattract 15,4% of global venture capital investment. Of course, there is boththe good and the bad about being a tech mecca of the world. There is a rule ofthumb that the more capital is attracted to the metro area, the more expensiveit gets to live there. And the truth is that San Francisco can be a livingproof of this rule. The average price for a 1-bedroom apartment is $3,280 permonth, which makes it the nation’s most expensive city to rent a home.However, you sure get what you pay for. This city can boast of a perfectclimate and almost the highest transit and walkability score in California (80and 86 out of 100 accordingly). San Francisco, with it’s largest startupecosystem, is ranked 3rd in top 50 startup cities chart by Valuer.#### Boston, MACost of Living & Rent Index: 86.31 Median Salary for Tech Job: $97,266 Most well-known tech companies: Facebook, Hubspot, RunkeeperGiven Boston’s proximity to the leading universities (MIT, Harvard, and more)and its long history of computer science development, no wonder why the cityis so good at mirroring the advantages of Silicon Valley. Recent studies showthat entrepreneurs in Boston have a higher quality of life. In fact, WalkScore ranked Boston the 3rd most walkable large city in the country. Plus, theaverage rental price here is significantly lower than in Silicon Valley.According to our statistics, locals pay approximately $2,116 per month for a1-bedroom apartment in the city center. What’s more, Boston is known for itsstrong connections with institutions and universities. It is an exceptionallyeducated city (as much as 45.2% of local adults have bachelor’s degree orhigher), which creates perfect conditions for new enterprises to appear, grow,and prosper.## San Diego, CACost of Living & Rent Index: 72.11 Median Salary for Tech Job: $93,011 Most well-known tech companies: Classy, TakeLessons, SweetLabsThis city has the fifth biggest venture capital investment rate per capita,which gives us reasonable grounds to name San Diego one of the mostinfluential tech hubs in the country. First and foremost, the city has becomea growing tech scene. There are around 155 startups per 100,000 residents inthe area. Plus, San Diego can boast of affordable rental prices. Locals payaround $1,508 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment. Given this, the city lookslike a great spot from both an economic and business perspective. That’s notto say that San Diego is going to be the next Silicon Valley (there are muchless tech force and venture capital here), but the growing potential of thecity makes us keep an eye on it.##### Join RentberryBrowse thousands of apartments and find your new home online. Join us today.Sign Up For Free## Washington, D.C.Cost of Living & Rent Index: 87.30 Median Salary for Tech Job: $94,857 Most well-known tech companies: Analytica, LivingSocial, Technica.lyLike it or not, but the odds are good that Washington, D.C. is soon to becomethe next big tech hub. Despite the high price for rent ($2,266 per month for a1-bedroom apartment) and a relatively low transit score (only 77 out of 100),entrepreneurs are flocking to the city. It is hard to argue that the localtech sector is dependent on the government and it’s not cheap to found astartup there, but some factors seem to outweigh the drawbacks. First andforemost, the city is famous for its rich collaborative culture and a highlevel of diversity. In fact, Washington area is considered one of the mostdiverse in the entire country. Here in D.C., people want each other tosucceed, which is why you can always rely on a helping hand of others. Localthink tanks and universities make D.C. incredibly educated. This city isbrimming with brilliant developers, designers, and team leads.#### Los Angeles, CACost of Living & Rent Index: 78.54 Median Salary for Tech Job: $98,346 Most well-known tech companies: Snapchat, FullScreen, ClutterThe up-and-coming startups from Los Angeles give us grounds to call the citySilicon Beach. Don’t be fooled by the laid-back lifestyle, beaches, andentertainment the City of Angels is so famous for. In fact, Los Angeles seemsto be one of the major wavemakers in the ‘tech ocean.’ Hard to tell whatexactly makes this city booming with promising startups, but chances are goodthat the famous faces and the megaphone-like nature of the city are bothplaying the key role. If you are thinking of moving to LA, you’d be glad toknow that the city that’s been once built for cars is now becoming more andmore suitable for walks and bike rides. Plus, the median rent in here is lowerthan in San Francisco or San Jose: locals pay around $3,081 per month for a1-bedroom apartment in the city center.## New York City, NYCost of Living & Rent Index: 100 Median Salary for Tech Job: $109,765 Most well-known tech companies: Foursquare, Kickstarter, BuzzFeedHopefully, you are not too surprised to see the Big Apple on the list.Although New York attracts significantly less in venture capitals, there isone thing that makes the city stand out in the global startup scene. This onething is usually referred to as hyphen tech. More and more startups gain theirpopularity by aligning themselves with a number of industries. This is howmedia tech, fin tech, fashion tech and anything-else-tech startups emerge andsucceed. It is worth being said that New York City is ranked the most walkablecity in the United States, and its rental prices are not as high as in SanFrancisco. At an average, New Yorkers pay $2,952 per month for a 1-bedroomapartment.## Denver, COCost of Living & Rent Index: 69.22 Median Salary for Tech Job: $88,523 Most well-known tech companies: SendGrid, IBM, OracleAccording to experts, Denver might be the best destination not only for thoseworking in tech but also for those looking for the first job in the techindustry. Given that both the salaries and size of the tech industry in Denverrank close to major American tech hubs, it comes as no surprise that anincreasing number of Bay Area companies relocate to Colorado in general orDenver in particular. If you still doubt our choice, it’s time to remind youthat Denver’s affordability index is almost three times higher than the one ofSan Francisco.## Austin, TXCost of Living & Rent Index: 63.18 Median Salary for Tech Job: $94,025 Most well-known tech companies: Dell, HomeAway, SpareFootIf you dare to weigh the merits of Austin compared to San Francisco, you’llnever choose to bet on the latter in terms of career opportunities in tech.That’s not to say that the times of San Francisco are gone, but a growingnumber of tech employers and employees confirm that Silicon Valley is nolonger the only good option. Whether it’s an absence of personal income tax oraffordable housing or a remarkable strong tech community that makes techrepresentative flock to Austin, one thing remains clear. The city’s got thestrong potential to become the next tech mecca, and you still have time to beamong the first to use this fact for your own benefit.### Join RentberryBrowse thousands of apartments and find your new home online. Join us today.Sign Up For Free## Dallas, TXCost of Living & Rent Index: 56.74 Median Salary for Tech Job: $89,433 Most well-known tech companies: AT&T, CyrusOne, Texas InstrumentsDallas might not be the biggest surprise on this list, but it still feels likea little counter-intuitive choice to make. Some people don’t even considerDallas an option because of its 11.5 months of summer and almost unbearableheat, but others prefer to see the brighter side and put career opportunitiesfirst. In case you’re more likely to choose the second, you’ll be rewardedwith a well-paid job and a relativeIy low cost of living. Sounds like a fairtrade-off.Living in the world’s tech capital is sure a lot of fun: almost all big techcompany have a presence here, the region is getting the lion’s share ofventure capital investment, and the most of the talented tech workers seem tobe living just around the corner. This all is great, but what is trendy isusually expensive.There are many places in the US where you can work in tech. For example, SanDiego is experiencing a rise and becoming a new tech hub. Live happily, anddon’t cry over paycheck when it’s time for your next rental payment. Considerthe options you have, choose the city where you won’t need to spend the biggerpart of your income on housing, and go soar to new heights.AustinBostonDallasDenverLASan DiegoSan FranciscoSeattleWashington D.C.Last updated on February 15, 2021

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