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What are the latest Technology Trends in India?## IntroductionIndia has always been considered the hub of Information Technologydevelopments and has shown and diligently followed some notable tech trendswithin the country. With the introduction of AI, machine learning, IoT, andblockchain, India has adopted some of the significant-tech trends beingobserved worldwide.These latest technological advancements have given rise to a wide variety ofopportunities in the field of mobile apps, VR-AR, gaming, web-tech, food-tech,and so on. Such trends have improved the functioning of both an organizationand the firm’s end-product users. With the upcoming trends, many companieslike Freelancer, Appfutura, Jampp & Trademob have observed & made use of manysuch opportunities for the export of IT services from India.The art of tech engineering never fails and is in a continuous learningprocess, building higher & better technology for the nation.In this article, we’ll be talking about various latest technology trends inIndia under Information Technology (IT), Blockchain Technology, FoodTechnology, Web Technology, & the upcoming 5G Technology.## A. Information Technology (IT) TrendsAccording to Wikipedia, IT is the usage of computers to store, retrieve,transmit, and manipulate data/information, often considered to be a part ofthe information and communications technology.Several products & services are processed and manufactured in the IT sector,making it one of the most massive grossing industry’s highest-ever revenue at$ 181 billion in FY’19. Some of the latest tech trends in India in IT thefollowing fields are:### 1. Mobile AppsMobile App Development has witnessed its rise back from being introduced forthe first time back in 2007 to today. The mobile tech is developing andbecoming one of the most accessible global tech ecosystems. Today, we haveaccess to apps to create houses in the augmented reality & apps to build appsusing the app name generator. It’s not long before we can control all ourdevices with one app on our phone… Oh no! We’re already there, aren’t we? Thetopmost latest trends being followed in the Mobile apps group are: * Progressive Web Apps: Ever noticed how some web apps deliver the same accuracy as the mobile apps on your web browser, without really installing the app. Such web apps are called Progressive web apps, that neither require to be installed on your phone nor requires any significant amount of storage space to function smoothly. The PWAs function efficiently even on a low-speed network & also run without the internet once installed on the home screen of the browser. Many e-commerce giants like Flipkart & Amazon have mastered and blended this unique PWA style on their websites. * Android Instant Apps: Progressive Web Apps are usually adopted by companies offering to view their products & services online, majorly e-commerce firms. In the same way, Android Instant Apps are adopted by usually by the gaming companies that allow their users to experience a gist of their app by providing them with an instant demo version of their mobile game. The users could then choose to download the app according to his/her requirements. A great example of how good the graphics and tech became lately are online casinos. Some of them run directly on your browser, others give you the choice to download an app, while the quality is not affected in either case. They became realistic and they run faster than ever, giving you the sameexperience you would have playing on your desktop.### 2. Data ScienceOne of the most trending technologies, not only in India but also abroad isData Science. It is one of the popular fields that uses various tools,techniques, and algorithms to perform necessary tasks. Data Science comprisesa variety of tools and Machine Learning principles that aims to discoverhidden data patterns from raw and unstructured business data.Over the years, this field has become one of the most sought-after careeroptions. Moreover, the demand for Data Scientists has also risen phenomenallyover the years as the amount of data that is being generated every day isunimaginable. As per LinkedIn, there are more than 4,000 vacancies for Data Scientists, forboth entry-level and experienced professionals, in India itself.Data Scientists are also among the highest-paid IT professionals in thecountry and the range of their salaries varies as per their experience,knowledge, geographical location, the company they work in, and other similarfactors. As per PayScale, the average annual income earned by a certified DataScientist in India is approximately ₹817,366 and it can range between₹344,000–₹2,000,000 per annum. Data Science employees in some cities earnhigher than others. In Bangalore, Karnataka, they earn 20.9% higher than thenational average. In fact, this has let to a huge number of enrollments inData Science course in Bangalore. Data Scientists are paid higher than thenational average in other cities like Gurgaon, Haryana (21.9%). There are afew cities where they earn lower than the national average, including citieslike New Delhi (4.1%), Chennai, Tamil Nadu (9.4%), and Pune, Maharashtra(9.8%).### 3. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)Virtual reality and augmented reality are already turning heads with itsinnovative and interactive technology. Many apps have collaborated withArtificial Intelligence (AI) & integrated trending tech in their interface,developers have been able to stack up applications enabling a realisticaugmented reality to use apps recognize & visualize things through the phone’scamera.Example: Many apps like Snapchat use AR tech to detect facial features andapply almost any filter on the person’s face in the Snapchat’s picture.The best VR apps available online have transformed reality with itstechnology. Today, with the help of AI & machine learning, students canexperience an interactive learning session with their teacher in VR andtravelers can experience their hotel rooms with the ‘try before you buy’feature enabling the consumers to experience their places in virtual realitybefore buying it in the reality-reality.## B. GamingIf you’re an avid gamer, you must’ve noticed the shifting paradigms in theproduction & reception of the newly released games over the last couple ofyears. The gaming industry has been revolutionizing its user experience byintroducing and integrating the latest and trending technology, guaranteeingan undefined, realistic, and immersive gaming experience.The augmented reality, virtual reality & AI has enabled gaming companies tointroduce games with 100% player interaction via hand gestures and bodymovements. The hyper-realistic graphics & directional sound interacts with theplayer, making him the center of the sport.Note: Minecraft is one such game that uses VR tech & 3D sounds that have beencreated to raise, explore, and battle mobs from a first-person perspective.Famous YouTuber Vanossgaming has followed the game, aka Evan Fong, for a longtime, having a stronghold YouTube following of around 25 million.## C. Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain tech has taken over the world like wildfire. Institutes &organizations, ranging from banking to cybersecurity, plan to adopt blockchainbecause of its distributed ledger tech that guarantees enhanced security,improved traceability, greater transparency, increased efficiency, and reducedcosts. Despite a proposed bitcoin ban in India, the country has spread openarms into adopting blockchain technology into its systems.## Here’s a bunch of latest blockchain trends & news:### 1. Blockchain AcceptanceIndia has been preparing itself to become the powerhouse of blockchainoperations. With significant problems faced by organizations like middlemenintervention, data breaches, corruption, and tampering of financial ledgers,the country has realized the potential in the power of blockchain.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while favoring & supporting blockchaintech, stated that India’s youth could lead a revolutionary digital movement inthe country with the use of AI & blockchain tech with value addition.### Here’s the latest information about the current blockchain trends inIndia: * The Indian Defence Minister expressed his support towards the power of blockchain & AI tech is transforming warfare * SEBI chief Ajay Tyagi believes in blockchain tech’s ability to transform trading * Reliance Industries Limited plans introduce blockchain to digitalize goods transportation### 2. Bitcoin Non-AcceptanceDespite supporting blockchain tech, which was first introduced throughcryptography, India has wholly rejected the chief cryptocurrency- Bitcoin. Themain reason for dismissing Bitcoin, as stated by Indian officials, is itspotential to be highly risky because of its decentralized nature resulting infrauds like The Ponzi Scheme.The Reserve Bank of India put a proposed ban on Bitcoin back in April 2018,which forced various enterprises dealing in crypto & Bitcoin out of business.Many cryptocurrency exchanges in India winded up their services like Zebpay &Koinex.### 3. Cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin)The entire dispute of cryptocurrencies involves a lot of complexities when itcomes to an average user looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018,especially in a country like India where the RBI proposed a ban on dealing incryptocurrency which does not make it a legal tender but at the same time,doesn’t really call it illegal.With the high price index of Bitcoin, people have been trying to get there bymaking Ethereum price prediction, which is a lower denomination than Bitcoin,but at the same time an excellent investment, and examining to buy altcoinslike Ethereum, Tron & Litecoin. You can also buy with PayPal like Ripple andother cryptos. According to recent altcoin Tron news, the crypto coin plans topartner with stable coins chief Tether.## Blockchain NewsRecently, Tim Draper, the prominent venture capitalist & founder of DraperAssociates, explained India’s vulnerability towards being a corrupt nation byaccepting its defeat against the ban on cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, proposedby the government. Crypto traders are advised to read the latest crypto newsto be updated with the latest government policies regarding blockchain.## D. Food TechnologyFood Technology has transformed our way of looking at food forever. Startupstories of the food sector in India make one reminisce the old times whenordering food involved one thing & that was confusion! Today with evolvingfood-tech trends, you can book a table, order food, read food blogs, reviewplaces all in one place.Zomato is one of the first food ordering app ever launched in India back in2008 and has changed the food industry in several ways. Today it serves foodacross 24 countries, including Australia, Canada & Brazil. Swiggy, on theother hand, was launched back in 2014 & has made significant progress whilehaving an established marketplace from its competition Zomato.However, with speeding tech advancements, such food startup has been able tocapture their consumer base by using AI to mine & track the data for foodtrends, and consumers ‘ eating habits through which they extract informationand use it to develop new products or develop current items.## E. Web TechnologyAccording to a survey conducted in 2018, over 71% of professional developersuse JavaScript as their programming language. Nowadays, the latest Vue.js isbeing adopted more than ever, including being adopted my giants like Alibaba,despite it being relatively new. Vue.js is an ideal option if you are seekingto build lightweight and easy-to-fix apps. Vue.js is not very hard to conquer,unlike SQL which comes to a few blocks above it in difficulty level that oftenleads individuals to investigate & inquire on SQL interview questions to landthem a job as a Structured Query Language developer.The majority of the latest trending JavaScript developments such as ReactJS,AngularJS, and GraphQL have given rise to new job opportunities in the techfield and many job seekers have been yearning to grab these opportunities.Many professional developers have advised such seekers to focus on preparingfor their dream job by utmost hard work & research to crack interviews bypracticing & preparing for jQuery interview questions, C++ interviewquestions, Python interview questions & many more. The top advice often givento new programmers is to never stop learning.## ConclusionThe art of tech engineering never fails and is in a continuous learningprocess, building higher & better technology for the nation. The emerging &constantly changing technologies might both seem evasive & transitory attimes, but the rock-solid truth is, that it forms an integral part of thebusiness & IT strategies & would always be the spine of any firm. What moredoes the future offer to us in the tech field, well, that’s for us to see.Looking to hire software developers for your next big project? now.

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