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Austin Is Nation’s Hottest High Tech Hub: ReportAUSTIN, TX — Evidence of the thriving high tech industry can be seen incompany expansion and the brisk pace of construction of housing units toaccommodate a worker influx. A new study reveals the industry expansion farfrom merely anecdotal, ranking Austin as the top city in the country forstartups.Commercial Cafe analysts studied the 20 best U.S. cities where startups canthrive to find Austin to be the hottest hub for high tech startups.Researchers considered various metrics in considering its list, including techdevelopment growth, millennial population growth and startup survival rate.Given that reckoning, Austin emerged first overall and ranked highly invarious categories, including: * First for Startup Density – 18 percent of startups with up to four employees were in their first year of activity in 2018. * First for Nonemployer Growth – 4 percent growth in the number of non-employer tech businesses. * Third for Tech Employment Growth – 37 percent more jobs in computer, engineering and science occupations. * Fourth for Millennial Population Growth – the number of Millennial residents increased by 14 percent. Overall, Austin was assigned 64.46 points in considering all the metrics met.Washington, D.C., and Seattle grabbed the next two spots, with 62.47 and 59.78points, respectively. Moreover, three other Texas cities made the list: FortWorth, coming in at #12, Dallas, which took the 15th place, and Arlington,which landed at #19.Read the full article and see which other cities made the top 20 here: courtesy of Commercial Cafe.

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