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Top 10 most influential tech analyst firms in 2018#### Most of the companies which are generally referred to as “managementconsultants” have their roots in accounting or numbers.In recent years, however, these management consultants have had to deal withnumbers of a different sort, albeit at a high level.The most important new numbers are zero and one because they are the twocomponents that make up the language of computers, which is at the heart ofvirtually all technology today. And, as a consequence, accountants who becamemanagements have now become technology consultants, or tech analysts.In today’s bewildering world making sense of technology – what it is and howit can best be applied to a particular enterprise – can be a complex and time-consuming job.Generally a tech analyst will not only understand technology, they will beable to explain it in simple terms and describe how it applies to a particularbusiness, perhaps a client. Larger tech analyst firms can go even further andimplement tech solutions, building software and hardware solutions along theway to making everything work.Below is the EM360º list of the top 10 tech analyst firms according to theirrevenues and tech capabilities. The list also considers the power of thecompany’s brand name, its events and networking offerings, as well as theinfluence its more well-known analysts wield.We have not included the supermassive management consultancies such asDeloitte and PwC because they don’t specialise as much in technology, althoughthat’s not to say it’s absent from their services.

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