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High Tech Supply Chain### Hyper-personalized supply chainBy the end of 2020, 70 percent of companies expect their supply chain functionto be a differentiator, helping them win with new and existing customers intheir respective markets. Why is that significant? Because supply chains thatoffer unparalleled customer experience will define the future leaders.### Organizations expect their supply chain function to be a differentiator### Serving tomorrow’s customerSuccess in the digital economy requires responsive, flexible and fast-movingsupply chains that support new customer experiences. Those experiences areessential to serve customers whose liquid expectations flow from theoutstanding, personalized and relevant experiences provided by one service ororganization to everything else that they do.### From vision to experienceCan high-tech businesses shift to a customer-centric digital supply chainquickly enough to satisfy those expectations? As challenging as it might be,no high-tech business can avoid the shift in customer expectations and theconsequent impact on how their supply chain operates.### Ride the waveWave 1: Supply chain bets winning its customers’ hearts 65 percent of high tech companies expect their supply chain function to be adifferentiator, helping them win with new and existing customers in theirrespective markets—this is no mean feat!Wave 2: Place your bets Can high-tech companies shift to a digital, customer-centric supply chainquickly enough to satisfy those expectations? It is a challenging undertakingfor companies to rotate to the customer sitting at the center of theiroperations.Wave 3: Serving tomorrow’s customer Of course, it is not feasible to make a change of this magnitude overnight.But it is possible to create a vision of what a customer-service focusedsupply chain could be and focusing on transformational outcome. Working backfrom the vision, companies can avoid getting bogged down by today’soperational challenges and identity the gaps they can address to acceleratevalue creation.### ConclusionA vision is all about the art of the possible. High-tech companies need todevelop an ambitious supply chain vision. It may look very different from whatis in place today. But it is only by taking a visionary approach thatcompanies can see the transformation they need to make.The transformation of the supply chain will not happen overnight. It is aphased journey that builds the strength of the core business to releaseinvestment in the new. By doing so, companies can make a wisepivot—continuously balancing investment and resource allocation between thecore business and the new to synchronize innovation and growth.

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