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List of Startup Accelerators and Incubators for Singapore## List of Startup Accelerators and Incubators for SingaporeSingapore brings a wealth of expertise, funding opportunities and marketaccess that is beneficial for every fast growing startups. Plus, the city-state is certainly not short on quality startups accelerators and incubators.Here’s a list of Accelerators and Incubators that will help passionateentrepreneurs take their projects and ventures to the next level.(Let us know anytime if we forget any important Singapore based accelerator orincubator) (last update August 2019)Startupbootcamp Fintech SingaporeStartupbootcamp Fintech is an accelerator focused on financial innovation,providing funding, mentorship, office space and access to a global network ofinvestors and venture capitalists, for up to 10 selected startups per year.The 3-month program provides the selected startups with the opportunity ofcollaborating with over 400 mentors, partners and investors to build world-class fintech and insurtech products.InspirAsiaInspirAsia in Singapore is an accelerating program and co-working space. Theacceleration program is tailored for mature startups to support them inscaling: expand to other markets or verticals, organize internationalpartnerships between teams, find synergy between products to create brand newbundles for customers.Life.SREDA provides startups with support in developing strategy and vision,assistance in efficient business modelling, enhance the products to globalstandards, assist in the global market expansion, help with tech, business,financial and VC partners from global network.Singapore Fintech BaySingapore Fintech Bay is a dedicated fintech platform in Singapore. Theversatile launchpad provides a dedicated fintech co-working space, with stateof the art meeting rooms, innovation labs, acceleration programmes, curatedactivities and educational opportunities.Singapore Fintech Bay currently offers two programs: The Venture AccelerationPlatform, a customised program designed to accelerate fintech companies to thenext growth stage of commercialisation and expedite partnership opportunitieswith them, and the Fintech Talent Program, which provides internship andmentoring opportunities for our candidates.F10 Accelerator & IncubatorF10 is the leading collaboration space for fintech in Switzerland andSingapore, focusing on innovation in the finances industry for a betterfuture. F10’s programs promote the successful growth of startups in thefintech, regtech, and insurtech industries. At the same time, F10 gives itsboard of corporate members access to the latest ideas and prototypes.As a Zurich and Singapore based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator, F10supports and guides Startups in transforming their ideas into successfulcompanies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with internationalorganizations.The organization’s excellent connections allow it to connect fresh startupswith experienced corporate members and invest in today’s best ideas for abrighter future for the whole world.The FinLabThe FinLab operates acceleration programs focused on propelling the growth ofinnovative fintech and technology companies and catalyses the digitaltransformation of businesses. Since its inception in 2015, The FinLab has runtwo acceleration cycles for fintech companies.The third cycle of The FinLab’s programme focuses on helping SMEs on theirdigital transformation, including matching suitable and innovative fintech andtechnology solutions with the needs of SMEs. The Smart Business TransformationProgramme (SBTP) will be running the programme in Thailand in 2019.PayPal IncubatorLocated within PayPal’s Singapore Technology Center, PayPal Incubatorendeavours to nurture and support the creation of a new generation oftechnology companies. The 9-month program offers prime co-working space atPayPal’s Singapore Technology Center located at Suntec City, structuredlearning conducted by experts, coaching and mentorship by PayPal executivesand external business/technical subject matter experts, access to talent fromwithin and outside PayPal, and access to funding through PayPal’s network andVC connections.UNFRAMEDUNFRAMED is a leading community of for-impact entrepreneurs that leverages itstraining academy and programmes to equip entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs withrelevant and timely skills, mindset and resources to achieve the greatestimpact in society and on the environment.UNFRAMED currently runs two programmes: the 3-week Bootcamp Programme forstartups to validate an idea, initiative or prototype and turn it into realimpactful action; and the 4-month Accelerator Programme which providesholistic support for early-stage social impact startups to accelerate theirgrowth and reach sustainability.Start Path GlobalStart Path Global is Mastercard’s worldwide program for innovative later stagestartups from across the globe, helping startups from around the world scaletheir businesses. The program enables companies to gain access to Mastercard’sglobal ecosystem and to break new markets through relationships withMastercard and its customers. Some key features include: a 6-month virtualprogram, 2-immersion weeks at different cities, and no upfront equity inexchange for participation.Entrepreneur FirstEntrepreneur First (EF) isn’t a traditional “accelerator.” EF supports thebest, most ambitious computer scientists and engineers to build deep-technology companies from scratch.EF offers different programs for each stage: EF Form, which focuses on helpingentrepreneurs find a co-founder and develop their ideas, and EF Launch, whichfocuses on getting the team funded and starting the business.EF is backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, FoundersFund, Lakestar Capital, and Deep Mind founders Demis Hassabis and MustafaSuleyman.AIRmakerAIRmaker offers IoT-focused cross-border accelerator programmes powered byAscendas-Singbridge, a leading provider of sustainable urban and businessspace, SGInnovate, the investment arm under the purview of the NationalResearch Foundation, and real-estate powerhouse Runyang Group.It currently offers 3 programmes: AIRmaker X, a 3-month programme matchingentrepreneurs to industry problem statements, AIRmaker, a structured 3-monthfull-time programme aimed at readiness for pilot or commercial launch, andAIRmaker +, which focuses on driving profitable growth and product scaling.JFDI AsiaJFDI operates Southeast Asia’s first and one of the region’s most successfulaccelerator and pre-accelerator programs. Each year, JFDI Accelerate selectsbetween 8 and 12 startups for its structured 100-day programme. The startupsreceive $50,000 in investment and JFDI would take typically about 9% in equitystake. It also offer JFDI Discover, an online course that teaches independentstartup founders the structured way to validate problem/solution fit for theirbusinesses.Wells Fargo Startup AcceleratorThe Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator is a hands-on virtual acceleration programdesigned to advance startups that create solutions for enterprise customers –inside and outside the financial industry. The program lasts approximately sixmonths, offers coaching and access to mentors, advocates, executives, andinvestors, and provides potential investments of up to US$1 million forselected companies.TAGPASSTAG, short for Technopreneur Action Group, is a regional tech startupcommunity that catalyses the creation of innovation-driven technologystartups, by fostering aspiring entrepreneurs, tech talents and domain expertsto explore ideas that solve real-world problems.TAGPASS offers several programmes including TAGPASS Transform, a 3-day highimpact bootcamp for entrepreneurial individuals, TAGPASS Transform Regional,which gives Singapore entrepreneurs and early stage startups the opportunityto collaborate with overseas entrepreneurs, TAGPASS Acceleration, designed tohelp aspiring entrepreneurs and teams develop and test their business mode,and TAGPASS Co-Innovation Enablement, designed to enable corporates to co-innovate with startups.Red Dot VenturesEstablished in 2012, Red Dot Ventures (RDV) is a venture investment vehiclewholly-funded by our founder, Leslie Loh, to incubate seed stage tech startupsin Singapore. Red Dot Ventures was among the first venture capital firms tokickstart Singapore’s startup scene.RDV was selected as an incubation partner to the National Research Foundationunder its Technology Incubation Scheme.NTUitiveNTUitive Pte Ltd is the Nanyang Technological University’s innovation andenterprise company. NTUitive supports the university’s mission to develop aninnovative ecosystem to encourage innovation, foster entrepreneurship andfacilitate the commercialisation of research.NTUitive offers several programmes including the Lean LaunchPad (LLP)programme, which helps research scientists and engineers turn their inventivetechnologies into commercially viable products and feasible business ventures,and the Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunityfor NTU undergraduates to gain invaluable skills outside the classroom throughstartup internship, international immersion and entrepreneurship experience.SPH Plug and PlaySPH Plug & Play Accelerator is a media and technology-themed acceleratorprogram with a goal of investing in promising startups. SPH Plug and Playbrings together all three partners’ unique strengths: SPH’s vast mediaexpertise and resources; IIPL’s network of industry stakeholders includinggovernment-linked agencies and research institutes; and Plug and Play’sexperience in running multiple themed-accelerators globally.TechCube8TechCube8 is a private technology investor and incubator approved by theNational Research Foundation (NRF), Singapore to promote entrepreneurship andhigh-tech R&D in the region. Its mission is to identify and co-invest in highimpact, early stage technology platforms and companies with the aim ofcreating international growth champions.NUS EnterpriseEstablished in 2001, NUS Enterprise provides an enterprise dimension to theNational University of Singapore (NUS)’s teaching and research that involvesthe university’s students, staff and alumni.NUS Enterprise offers several programs including Modern Aging Singapore, acommunity, accelerator, and education platform with the objective to createnew businesses that help people live better as they live longer, the LeanLaunchPad Singapore Programme, designed specifically for researchers inuniversities and public research institutes who want to commercialise theirtechnological inventions, the Business Model Design, a programme tailored tosocial enterprises helping them create, visualise and test business models,and more.The Innovators InstituteThe Innovators Institute is a professional development centre, peer supportnetwork and global expert resource for innovation leaders, professionals andnovices. It offers several programs including the Innovative TransformationAccelerator Programme, a 6-month programme for Singapore-based SMEs that wantto innovate and overcome disruption in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and theFutureEnterprise Innovation Management Programme, a 2-day executivemasterclass designed to help SME leaders to acquire the necessary foresight,mindset, skillset and toolkit to innovate in today’s hyper-speed environment.TNF VenturesTNF Ventures is an approved incubator under the Technology Incubation Schemeby the National Research Foundation (NRF). It looks to contribute back toSingapore by incubating the next generation of entrepreneurs.TNF Ventures is founded by key shareholders comprising of entrepreneurs,senior corporate executives, venture capitalists and IT luminaries ofSingapore.Spaze VenturesSpaze Ventures is a startup incubator based in Singapore providing seedfunding and intensive hands-on mentorship for pre-launch ideas to seed stagestartups. Spaze Ventures engages and invests in entrepreneurs and ICT startupsin the earliest stage possible, and works with the team to launch and grow.It focuses on high growth and disruptive tech startups with a focus onfinancial services, education, healthcare services, e-commerce, mobile andenterprise technology.Found.Found., formerly the Hub Singapore, is a network of innovation campuses whereambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partnersto create future-ready solutions.Found. operates the Elevate SG Founder Programme, which supports founders ingetting their first venture off the ground, and offers coaching and guidance,as well as workshops.Mbanq BAASISThe Mbanq BAASIS accelerator has landed in Singapore and will be in otherlocations in 2019, including Silicon Valley and Munich.Mbanq aims to create a global network for innovation, cooperation andexchange. The launch of the Banking-as-a-Service accelerator is in partnershipwith regional partners, such as Life.Sreda VC, Arival Bank and IBM Blockchain.Oracle Global Startup EcosystemOracle Global Startup Ecosystem is not your traditional program — it’s a next-generation acceleration initiative. The program focuses on reimaginingenterprise innovation through partnerships with startups that foster co-development and co-innovation.The program is tailor-made to get startups up and running in a short period oftime. It offers three key benefits and areas of focus: scaling to anenterprise-grade product, helping build revenue, and world-class mentoring.Startup Autobahn SingaporeStartup Autobahn Singapore is a corporate co-innovation platform powered byMercedes-Benz focusing on several domains including customers, automotiveretail, aftersales, corporation and infrastructure management.The program aims to accelerate local startups by helping them develop theiridea towards a real-life market fit within the company. It is the firstinnovation platform focused on mobility in Singapore.ImpacTechImpacTech is a Startups’ Accelerator Program, that empowers impact drivenstartups. It provides bespoke programs for corporates, mentorship and tailoredactivities related to tech innovations. ImpacTech operates in Singapore (HQ),Thailand and Japan.ICE71ICE71 ‘Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at Block71’ is the region’s firstcybersecurity startup hub. Founded by Singtel Innov8, the corporate venturecapital unit of Singtel, and NUS through its entrepreneurial arm NUSEnterprise, it aims to strengthen Singapore’s growing cybersecurity ecosystemby attracting and developing competencies and deep technologies to helpmitigate the rapidly increasing cybersecurity risks in the region.ICE71 provides 3 startup programmes: ICE71 Inspire, ICE71 Accelerate and ICE71Scale.Shell IdeaRefineryShell Singapore aims to be a “living lab” of energy innovation for Singapore,and hopes to testbed and potentially commercialise digital and clean energysolutions relevant to the country. Shell IdeaRefinery is a key programmesupporting this goal.Startups have the option to join one of the two programmes: Launch or Pivot,through which they will gain valuable insights and key learnings to bettertheir businesses.INV FintechINV Fintech is a startup accelerator program dedicated to fintech. It wasformed through a partnership between Bank Innovation, one of the world’sleading fintech strategy news services, and Fiserv, a leading provider offinancial services technology.Since 2015, INV Fintech has received more than 400 applications from 55countries and have helped 30 fintech startups grow their businesses. Twice ayear, it selects 6 to 10 teams from a diverse pool of applicants to fostertomorrow’s fintech.INV Fintech does not require startups to be in a particular location and workswith startups digitally. Startups that are chosen for admission receive amultitude of services on a global basis.IterativeIterative is an accelerator focused exclusively on Southeast Asia. Founded bycofounders of (acquired by ebay), Iterative differentiates itselfwith partners, mentors, advisors, and investors who have all previouslystarted, sold, and operated startups. Iterative’s mission is to build thestrongest and most supportive network in the region for early stage founders.Iterative selects 8-12 startups twice a year for an intense 12-week program tohelp accelerate their growth. The program then culminates in Demo Day wherestartups get the chance to pitch investors from around the globe. All selectedstartups also receive USD$150,000 in seed fundingFeatured Image: Pixabay

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