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Tech Transfer Primer for New Staff and FacultyResearchers who are well-versed in the tech transfer process are more likelyto disclose higher quality IP that leads to a license or start-up company thantheir counterparts. Likewise, having well-grounded TTO staff that can supportPIs in a way that safeguards the university’s and researcher’s interests makesthe path to commercialization that much more successful.That’s why our Distance Learning Division has partnered with tech transferveteran Joe Runge, JD, Business Development Manager with UNeMed, who will taphis many years of experience to bring you, your faculty, and your staff thisthorough introduction to technology transfer: Tech Transfer Primer for NewStaff and Faculty, scheduled for March 5th.Note: Due to the nature of this presentation as an outreach and training aid,all registrants will receive access to the live webinar and the on-demandvideo of the recorded program. The video may be shared and used an unlimitednumber of times – whenever the need arises – for staff and faculty education.From the bare essentials to the advanced tricks of the trade, this sessionwill impart new staff with an appreciation for the scope of the job, facultywith a sense of the challenges faced in academic technology transfer, andprovide a bevy of useful tips and tricks to make technology transfer work foreveryone. It’s a great opportunity to onboard your new hires and give facultya better appreciation of the process. To register or for more information,click here.Also coming soon:

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