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IBM joins the High-Tech Software Cluster to help accelerate digitaltransformation within the Dutch high tech & smart systems industryShare this post:The digital journeys of the past decade are now becoming cognitive journeysdriven by the maturity of IoT, AI, blockchain, automation, 5G, edge computingand other exponential technologies. As these capabilities are applied atscale, they increasingly result in change to the core of organizations — andtheir mission-critical capabilities — to reshape their competitive positions,rather than remaining on the experimental periphery.Software driven innovation will be a key capability for the high-tech industryas we see traditionally product focused propositions transforming into eco-systems of solutions and services, elevating software to a cornerstone oftheir future innovation. Moreover, with the resulting digital reinvention, anddata-driven process improvement, further investment is required in buildingsoftware capabilities to modernize applications in a flexible, open, andsecure manner, ready for the open hybrid cloud world.IBM joined over 30 software companies as a new technology partner in the High-Tech Software Cluster (HTSC), a project of Brainport Development. The High-Tech Software Cluster is located on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) inEindhoven and focusses on technological innovation for the manufacturing andsmart systems industry. IBM aims to collaborate with other HTSC membercompanies on building innovative and smart solutions for manufacturing,automotive and electronics companies, supporting their digital transformation.“Participation in ecosystems is among the strong drivers for innovation in ahigh-tech environment” said Edwin van Vianen, Electronics Industry leaderBenelux, “We share the vision with HTSC that software innovation will be a keydriver for new innovation, the improvement of user experiences and buildingoperational agility. Open source and hybrid cloud readiness will enable theindustry to innovate at scale and speed. We plan to trigger an extremecuriosity amongst our cluster partners on the opportunities that exponentialtechnology could unleash, combined with technical enablement education forboth developers and top management”.Technical enablementTogether with IBM Developer, IBM aims to closely work with HTSC membercompanies to help software and cloud developers deepen their understanding onvarious cloud and AI technologies, including open source. IBM will focus onhow to overcome technical challenges, whether you’re building locally ordeploying to a complex hybrid cloud environment. Our Developer team is allabout open source code; everything built is built and maintained on GitHubfollowing open source best practices. The IBM Developer team will providetechnical hands-on workshops, tech talks or demos to explore the differentinnovation engines, making available IBM Developer Advocates to enhancedeveloper capabilities at no cost.Hybrid cloud & AI“IBM brings a wealth of expertise and technology that can enhance, augment orsupport partners with the acceleration of their digital transformation. Inaddition, we have our Research and Development programs which can furtherbring value to this partnership” said Victoria Bunyard, IBM Benelux Chieftechnology officer. “Equally important, we bring our global network ofpartners and collaborations to HTSC, each with their own hybrid cloud and AIinnovations, their expertise and enthusiasm, which can expand the ecosystembeyond borders”.About the High Tech Software ClusterThe High Tech Software Cluster is a project initiated by BrainportDevelopment, to help industrial companies find their way in digitisation. Theaim of this project is to jointly develop smart products, services andbusiness models using software technology, to stimulate innovation and valuecreation.The cluster develops and delivers the competencies, products,services and knowledge that are needed for smart companies that want to winthe digitisation race. The topics within HTSC are focused on smart Industrythemes: robotics, digital factory, high tech software, future manufacturing4.0 skills and capabilities, Internet of Things and Data & AI. HTSC is part ofthe Smart Industry Fieldlabs connected to the “Factory of the Future”innovation programme, located at the Brainport Industries Campus in

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