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WH Technologies Sp z o.o.The company WH Technologies Ltd. specializes in manufacturing low voltageelectrical harnesses. Our customers are companies looking for professionalsolutions in the field of individual short- and long-term production. So far,we have produced harnesses for a variety of industries, such as automatics,motor technology, industrial electronics, electrical engineering from themedical industry, machinery, appliances, alarm systems, and automotiveindustry. A detailed offer of our services and production capabilities isavailable under the OUR SPECIALITY tab. The mission of WH TECHNOLOGIES is tomeet our clients’ expectations and implement new production technologies. Weoffer to our clients the following services for short- and long-termproduction. We produce a variety of low-voltage harnesses, automotive parts,special harnesses and much more. Assembly Our Company also assembles harnessesfrom the components provide by customers. Services We offer our services in:cutting, tinning, isolating, clamping, assembling, heating etc.

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