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(High-Tech) IndustryThe (high-tech) industry is closely connected to ALTEN. It is the sector inwhich ALTEN Netherlands started its activities.The Dutch high-tech sector is a progressive, highly internationally-oriented,knowledge-intensive sector where a lot of research takes place and high-quality products and services are developed. In addition, almost all oftoday’s products contain a bit of technology, which underlines the enormousimpact of the sector.The (high-tech) industry plays an essential role in devising and realizingsolutions for global societal challenges. These are challenges in the area of​​mobility, health, sustainable energy, safety and climate change.Technologies in which the Dutch business sector stands out include micro /nano electronics, nanotechnology, photonics, advanced production andsemiconductors.Brainport, with Eindhoven as its heart, is seen as the world’s leadinginnovative technology region and the smartest region in the Netherlands.Market leaders and startups in the technology sector can also be found in theeast of the Netherlands. A good example are the companies located at the HighTech Systems Park in Hengelo. In Zuid-Holland we see such a combination offorces in the ‘Delft Technology Park’ and RoboValley. The latter is theinnovation hub and the center for robotics in Europe. Increasingly, industry,education and the government are joining forces to accelerate innovations andstimulate collaboration.ALTEN is proud to work together as a driver of innovation with top technologycompanies throughout the Netherlands, varying from market leaders toinnovative startups.

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