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The Top 10 Most Successful Sectors In TechThe technology industry is by far the fastest growing in the world’s economyand shows no signs of slowing down. Research, new developments and innovationare taking place every day and driving towards an increasingly digital world,with constant breakthroughs and advancements in the likes of artificialintelligence (AI), big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality(VR), impacting a breadth of industries and lives as a result.As well as being the fastest growing industry in the world’s economy, the techsector is also the highest spending with 2016 seeing spending reach over $6.3trillion, making it the world’s ‘third largest economic force’ in GDP terms.The United States took first place spending $18.58 trillion and then China at$11.2 trillion. Essentially, the technology industry is spending more thanwhole countries GDP in one year! Due to the research required to drive forwardinnovation and the increasing importance companies are placing on technology,high volumes of spending is key.Here Is What “The World’s Greatest Turkish Equity Analyst” Is Buying: Talas2020 LetterThe Talas Turkey Value Fund returned 29.3% net to investors for the year tothe end of December 2020, that’s compared to a loss of -8.6% for the MSCITurkey Index, according to a copy of the fund’s investment report ValueWalkhas been able to review. The Talas fund is run out of Austin, Texas Read MoreGet Our Activist Investing Case Study!Get the entire 10-part series on our in-depth study on activist investing inPDF. Save it to your desktop, read it on your tablet, or print it out to readanywhere! Sign up below!Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etcBut with the tech industry being so large and diverse, have you ever wonderedwhich sector is the most successful?RS Components have analysed 214 global unicorn companies valued at $1 billionor more to find out the top 10 most successful sectors in tech:The On-Demand sector takes an impressive lead in making the most money in thetech industry at a whopping valuation of $178.75 billion. The On-Demand sectoressentially involves economic activities centred around online platforms,where independent sellers are able to offer services and goods to customers.The sector is booming and is only set to get even bigger, as companies such asUber, GrabTaxi, Deliveroo and Gett increasingly grow in popularity.Uber, the transportation network company many of us use to get around has aparticularly impressive valuation at $72 billion, making up nearly half of themoney brought in by the On-Demand sector alone. This comes as no surprise whenlooking at the rapid growth of the company over the last decade, since it wasfounded in March 2009. Uber continues to invest in a variety of business areasin the On-Demand sector, from food delivery, logistics, electric bikes andeven self-driving cars. This year, the company has a mind-blowing $1 billionbudget for similar projects to invest in. With companies like Uber leading theway, the On-Demand sector is dominating the tech industry as it is becomingincreasingly popular to the public.The next two most successful sectors in tech include E-Commerce and Fintech,with the former making $102.28 billion and the latter making $91.22 billion.Interestingly, of all 214 companies analysed, these two industries held thehighest number of businesses, with E-Commerce at 37 companies and Fintech at31. E-Commerce, also known as electronic commerce essentially refers to thebuying and selling of services online, and dates back to 1994, with the firstever online sale where a man sold a CD to his friend through his websiteNetMarket. Since then, E-Commerce has exploded, with the likes of Amazonleading the way and becoming the most famous and successful E-Commercebusiness today. The most successful E-Commerce businesses analysed was Airbnb,with a value of $29.3 billion. To top it off, the sector’s success isn’tstopping any time soon, with global retail e-commerce sales expected to reach$27 trillion in 2020.Of all 214 global unicorn companies analysed, nearly half of them are based inthe USA. This is hugely important due to the scale of the industry’s successin the world’s economy, as a lot of money being made is coming from just onesingle country. In second place is China, which is home to 57 of thecompanies, followed by India with 13. The UK comes in at 4th place, home tojust 11 companies. With technology having such an impact on the world today,it is crucial to acknowledge the influence the United States is having acrossthe world.Over the next few years, what will be the most successful sector in tech?

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