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Govt eases requirements for work from home in IT industryPrime News, National, Information Technology, New Delhi, November 6:- In amajor boost to the tech industry, the government has done away with most ofthe registration and compliance requirements that will facilitate permanentwork from home (WFH) for companies.The Department of Telecom has done away with the registration requirements forOther Service Providers (OSPs) altogether and the BPO industry engaged in datarelated work has been taken out of the ambit of OSP regulations. Requirementssuch as deposit of bank guarantees, for static IPs, frequent reportingobligations, the publication of network diagram, penal provisions, etc., havealso been removed. Similarly, several other requirements, which preventscompanies from adopting ‘Work From Home’ and ‘Work From Anywhere’ policieshave also been removed.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his government is committed to furthering‘ease of doing business’ and making India a tech hub. In a tweet, Modi said,the Government of India has significantly simplified OSP guidelines of theTelecom Department. He said “compliance burdens of the BPO industry will begreatly reduced due to this. The Prime Minister said, now the registrationrequirement for OSPs has been done away with altogether.Modi said that these steps will further flexibility and productivity. He saidIndia’s IT sector is our pride and the prowess of this sector is recognisedglobally. The Prime Minister said the government is committed to do everythingpossible to ensure a conducive environment for growth and innovation in India.He said the move will especially encourage young talent in the sector.Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said this will boost the IT,ITeS, BPO industry and create a friendly regime for WFH in India. (Inputs:Agencies, NGB)### Leave a Replycomments

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