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The 10 highest-paying jobs in techFor many workers, landing a job at a tech company means earning a sizablesalary and enjoying over-the-top perks, like nap rooms, free snacks, even skitrips and happy hours.And they’re not wrong. It’s a reputation befitting the industry that is themost represented on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list and pays its averageglobal worker $135,000 a year, according to a study by, whichanalyzed data from more than 69,000 job seekers.Not all tech jobs come with such large salaries, but there are a few key rolesthat pull that average up, offering annual pay as high as $163,000 a year.Glassdoor analyzed more than 71,000 open job listings at tech companies thatrequire knowledge of code, software or data and found that though softwareengineers and software development engineers were the roles most sought-afterby employers — meaning they had the most vacant positions — they were not themost financially rewarding.Instead, the following 10 roles pay tech workers the most for their skills:## 10. Information security engineerBaran Özdemir | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $131,300These analysts plan and implement the security measures necessary to protectan organization’s networks and systems from cyberattacks and securitybreaches. They typically investigate any security violations or potentialbreaches that arise, conduct penetration testing, develop security standardsfor a company, and use software, like firewalls and data encryption, toprotect sensitive information.## 9. DevOps engineerEmirMemedovski | E+ | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $137,400DevOps engineers work with developers, operations and other IT staff tooversee new software deployment. They typically help a company release smallfeatures or changes to a product quickly and then incorporate feedback aboutsuch changes.## 8. Enterprise architectpixelfit | E+ | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $144,400These workers handle much of the interaction between the business side of acompany and its IT department. They are principally focused on ensuring thatthe business aims of an organization are linked to and supported by its ITstrategy.## 7. Technical program managerAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $145,000These managers are responsible for handling all aspects of a technicalproject’s journey for a company. That means they need to initiate the program,track its progress, and provide support if issues arise. They typicallycoordinate efforts among their own workers and outside vendors, set schedulesand timelines for both workers and the project, and ensure deadlines are met.## 6. Software architectAlexSava | E+ | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $145,400Similar to the role of enterprise architect, this tech roles functions as asoftware developer who makes high-level design decisions and is responsiblefor thinking through all aspects and potential pitfalls of a software. Theymay also set the technical standards for an organization, from the codinglanguages used to tools and other platforms needed.## 5. Applications architectAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $149,000These workers design or improve upon existing computer, smartphone, or otherdevices’ applications, such as word processors or games, for consumers to use.In addition, they run software testing of these applications, create productprototypes and write manuals relating to application development. Some mayalso advise companies on the best applications to use within theirorganization.## 4. Infrastructure architectSolisImages | iStock | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $153,000These architects design and build the data communication networks and otherinformation systems that support an organization. They typically must haveextensive knowledge of an organization’s business plan so that they can createthe best network to assist that company.## 3. Software development managerGary Burchell | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $153,300These workers oversee lower-level software developers, who act the creativeminds behind computer programs, according to the BLS. They make theapplications that allow people to perform specific tasks on a computer orother smart device as well as the underlying systems that run the devices orthat control networks.## 2. Data warehouse architectA young woman at work.Olga ReznikovaAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $154,800A data warehouse refers to the large store of information that a businessaccumulates from inside and outside sources in order to make better managementdecisions. A data warehouse architect is the person responsible for designinghow that information is securely stored as well as the technologies and toolsthat will best help an organization extract, transform and easily use thatdata.## 1. Software engineering managerJust one in eight start-up CEOs are women and the most highly compensatedexecutive roles continue to be dominated by men.Thomas Barwick | Getty ImagesAverage salary for open roles on Glassdoor: $163,500The highest-paid role goes to people who oversee other software engineers ordevelopers. They assist in creating new computer software or improvingexisting computer programs, determining the feasibility of a software’soperations, and finding solutions to any software issues.Like this story? Subscribe to CNBC Make It on YouTube!Don’t miss: The 10 highest-paying entry-level jobs in tech

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