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Shipping Services for Technology and High-Tech Industry### Finished goodsIn the high-tech industry, the competition is strong and the shelf life ofproducts is typically short. Our high-tech people know that new technologyproducts need to take their place in the market with no delay, while avoidingthe risks of theft and damage. Production sites and end customers may bethousands of kilometres apart, but with TNT you won’t notice the distance.With the widest and fastest European road network, backed by the highestsecurity standards and market-leading expertise, we offer a seamlessdistribution process. Our high-tech people make sure your new products are onshelves on time and in perfect condition, ready for your customers.##### We can improve your high-tech and electronics transport, including: * 2-5% reduction in inventory pipeline costs with faster and more reliable delivery * Up to 30% reduction in likelihood of failed delivery penalties due to transportation-related issues * 3-10% reduction in loss of sales by improving product availability * Up to 40% reduction in administration costs by handling less carriers and less customer claims

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