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No.1 in Pipework & Steel Ducting Systems# No. 1 in Pipework SystemsPipework Simplified Still custom-building steel pipework and welded ducting? Still fitting flanges to each section? Frustrated by how much time on-site assembly takes and why costs remainstubbornly high? Modular pipework system from Jacob is the fast and cost-effective alternative.Quality Pipework and Ducting Our quality stainless steel, galvanised or powder coated components are thin-wall and fully-welded, withsmooth-pressed bends for superior airflow. QuickConnectTM pull-rings create quick-assembly connections rated to 3-baroverpressure.Quality and versatility are assured by our wide range of high-tolerancecomponents.Cost-effective and Versatile High-volume manufacture means high-quality pipework that’s reliable, flexibleand easy-to-maintain but costs less than custom-built sheetmetal ductwork.Ideal for air-conveying, extract-lines or gravity chutes; and easy-maintenancetight connections perfectly suit clean-room air systems.## Latest News15/03/2021Invented in 1945 by Daniel Gustin, powder coating is the process of spraying aunique electrostatic powder that’s designed to provide a high level ofprotection. The powder is created from resin and pigment that is finelygrounded up and then applied to the surface of a pipe as a final coating. ReadMore22/02/2021Ever since Harry Brearley, a metallurgist from Sheffield in the UK, discoveredthe first true ‘rustless’ steel back in 1913, stainless steel has been widelyused in industries including food manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare andmany more. Read More27/01/2021Long before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, strict hygiene and food safetylevels throughout food and beverage production have been the highest priority.Read More

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