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5 Technological Trends In Pharmaceutical Industry 2020The ever increasing dynamism of technological advancements is also makinginroads into the biotech and pharma industry in a big way. Pharma companiesare spending huge sums of money and energy in their innovation towards bettermanufacturing, patient care, and research and development.The best part of what we are going to witness in the coming years is the riseof innovation not just from big private pharma and biotech companies, but alsofrom university labs, contract research organizations, government-sponsoredinstitutions, etc.In this piece, we shall revisit from the most influential and innovativeresearch trends which will be trending in 2020 and beyond.1.Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence or AI is being increasingly utilized in variousaspects of pharma research. Worldwide, research companies, life scienceplayers and pharma manufacturers are collaborating in a big way towards theinclusion of AI in their research and developmental activities. This hasresulted in the faster discovery of drugs/medicines while reducing time toreach the market considerably.Artificial Intelligence tools and infrastructure has great potential in almostall stages of drug discovery such as research data mining, targetidentification, target validation, assisting in target identification andvalidation, artificial testing of compounds while reducing risks to propertiesand lives.2.Phenotypic ScreeningTypically there are two methods are used in new drug discovery, target-basedapproach, and phenotypic screening. Phenotypic screening is a type ofscreening used in drug discovery and biological research to recognizesubstances such as small molecules, peptides, etc. that change the phenotypeof an organism or its cell.Over the last couple of years, this type of approach has been increasinglyused as it has considerably increased the possibilities of finding first-in-class small molecule drugs. As a result of this more and more companies andresearch, institutes are expected to follow this approach in their drugdiscovery activities.3.Organs on a ChipOrgans on a Chip is a concept of lining living cells around the microchipsthat can revolutionize the way drugs are developed, diseases are modeled anddrugs are tested. This concept is an effective alternative to drug testing onanimals and humans.4.Bio – 3D PrintingBio 3D Printing greatly customizes the way prosthetics are conceptualized topersonalization. With the availability of effective 3D printers complementedby digital tools and gadgets to customize prosthetics as per one’s needs, thisis the future that one can expect.In addition to prosthetics, recently a company called CellInk has developed aliquid that permits the growth of human cells and body parts including ears,noses, etc. This gives scientists and doctors to fix organs, includinginternal ones, with ease.5.Cloud ERP for PharmaWith Cloud ERP pharma companies are now able to support multi-companies,multi-location, multi-currency, multi divisions with ease and that too withcomplete compliance. Cloud ERP makes it easy for multi-modal companies withtheir production planning, inventory control, online enquires, materialpurchases, quality control, accounting, and profit calculation, analytics,export, and import management, etc.### SummaryMost pharma companies these days are scattered in locations, silo-ed bydivisions thus making it hard to manage them. With the integration of allserving components becoming essential, technology is playing its part – be itin the form of ERPs or ease of drug discovery or patient monitoring, etc. Thisis indeed a boon in the making for the future.

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