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Intelligent analysis on the factors influencing the innovation and developmentperformance of high-tech industry in China, based on two-stages model# Intelligent analysis on the factors influencing the innovation anddevelopment performance of high-tech industry in China, based on two-stagesmodelIssue title: Special Section: Applications of intelligent & fuzzy theory inengineering technologies and applied scienceGuest editors: Stanley Lima and Álvaro RochaArticle type: Research ArticleAuthors: Geng, Deqianga | Wang, Longb; * | Yin, ZongyibAffiliations: [a] School of Economics, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan,China | [b] School of Management, China Research Center for EmergencyManagement, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, ChinaCorrespondence: [*] Corresponding author. Long Wang, School of Management,China Research Center for Emergency Management, Wuhan University ofTechnology, Wuhan, China. E-mail: [email protected].Abstract: Using the panel data of China’s top five high-tech industries from1995–2015, and adopting two-stage model, we intelligent analysis the influencethat the innovation outlay of non-R&D has on the innovation efficiency of thehigh-tech industry. It has been concluded that the performance of ourcountry’s high-tech industries vary from one to another, among which thehighest one is computer and office equipment manufacturing and the lowest oneis the manufacturing of the aerospace vehicles and its equipment. The averagenumber of the former is 0.909, while the average number of the latter is0.125. The mean number of the former is three times higher than the latter. Inthe innovation outlay, the expense on the technical reform inhibited theperformance of the high-tech industry, the expense on the technologyintroduction and absorption has a positive effect on the high-tech industry,and there is no obvious connection between the domestic purchase expense andthe performance of the high-tech industry.Keywords: Performance of high-tech industry, the random frontier analysis,intelligent analysis, the outlay of the non-R&DDOI: 10.3233/JIFS-169622Journal: Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, vol. 35, no. 3, pp.2703-2709, 2018Published: 01 October 2018Price: EUR 27.50Log in or register to view or purchase instant access

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