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Gender pay gap reporting: how big tech companies in the UK compareWomen at Codemasters are among the worst-paid of the tech industry employeeswe looked at, and the worst paid of our sample of gaming firms. Their meanhourly rate is 22.2 per cent lower than men’s, earning the average woman atthe company 78p for every £1 that the average male employee receives. Medianfigures are even worse, at 72p for every man’s pound.Their bonus pay is also among the worst in our tech-oriented sample set: 55.6per cent lower than men’s on the mean, and 60 per cent lower on the median.Electronic Arts UK does well in games industry terms when it comes to genderdiversity: women make up 42 per cent of the lower pay quartile, 31 per cent ofthe lower middle, 20 per cent of the upper middle and 25 per cent of the toppay quartiles. Although the company has been criticised for some corporatepractices, it has a long history of inclusivity and diversity projects.It’s also towards the upper end of our tech pay gap, with women earning amedian average of 85p an hour for every £1 that men earn, although theirbonuses are 45 per cent lower than those of their male peers.Long-established UK indie studio Frontier Developments, best known for theElite games and Planet Coaster doesn’t have a huge number of women on staff –19.2 per cent at the lower quartile, dwindling to 8.9 per cent of the highestpaid employees – but their pay and bonuses are both at the better end of theindustry.Women’s mean hourly rate earns them 85p for every £1 that men earn, whiletheir median is 82p, indicating that there are a handful of very highly paidwomen in the top quartile that may be pushing up the mean. When it comes tobonuses, the median woman on staff gets 22.2 per cent less than her malecolleagues, putting her in a better position than a worryingly large number ofher tech industry peers.Who hasn’t published their gender pay gap reports?At the time of publishing, a number of companies with a significant presencein the UK had yet to publish their figures. These include Twitter, AMD andNvidia.Deliveroo filed its gender pay gap figures in good time, under the name ofRoofoods. Its figures reveal that women who work for the company earn 88p forevery £1 that men earn.Deliveroo employs a significant number of women. They make up 39.2 per cent ofits lowest-paid quartile of employees, peak at 56.1 per cent of its lowermiddle quartile, have a significant upper middle quartile presence at 48.4 percent, but are less well represented in the top quartile of earners, where theymake up 28.5 per cent of the workforce. Because of this, women’s mean bonuspay is 16.2 per cent lower than men’s, but their median bonus pay is 22.7 percent higher.Update: April 5, 2018: this article has been updated to include Deliveroo’sgender pay gap figures and company-wide figures from Amazon.The gender pay gap details for Conde Nast Publications, which is the publisherof WIRED are available here.

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