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HS1 Ltd awarded We Invest in People gold accreditation# HS1 Ltd awarded We Invest in People gold accreditationIn recognition for its commitment to improving business standards and peoplemanagement, HS1 Ltd – the owner and operator of the high-speed rail linkingLondon, Kent and the Channel Tunnel – has been awarded the prestigious Weinvest in People gold accreditation by Investors in People.The We invest in People accreditation is one of the most prominent standardsfor people management in the world, making it a global benchmark when it comesto investing in people and delivering sustainable results.HS1 Ltd achieved silver accreditation in 2017 and with the implementation ofthe HS1 ‘People Strategy’ in 2019, this put the spotlight on development,progression and performance which have enabled the business to achieve thegold standard.HS1 Ltd has now achieved gold standard – acheived by only 17 per cent oforganisations.Lucy Clarke-Bodicoat, General Counsel & Corporate Services Director at HS1Ltd, said: “We are extremely proud to have been awarded the prestigious Weinvest in People gold accreditation. At HS1 Ltd, we pride ourselves oncreating an inclusive culture and this award is recognition of our excellentprogress, particularly during this difficult period. We have worked closelywith all members of staff to develop our business plans, improve retention,drive high levels of engagement and enhance our training strategies to ensureall of our staff continue to feel happy and appreciated at work. I would liketo thank my colleagues for their hard work on securing this achievement andtheir continued efforts to improve the business.”Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, commented: “We’d like to congratulateHS1 Ltd on this achievement. Gold accreditation on We invest in People is afantastic effort for any organisation, and places HS1 Ltd in fine company witha host of organisations that understand the value of people.”

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