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The Benefits of Working in the Information Technology (IT) IndustryAt one time, not so long ago, people who said they worked in IT were assumedto be “geeks” and “nerds”. In this digital age, that is so very far from thetruth. Today, many kids grow up dreaming of a future career in IT. It might bethat they think of being a cool video games designer or working in virtualreality or AI, and for some those dreams come true, but quite simply, the hugerange of jobs in the IT industry, means there’s a niche for every type ofperson. So, whether you are looking to change career or are a new entrant tothe job market, here are some of the benefits of working in IT:You can work in any industryThere are very few industries that do not have an IT requirement. Industrieswho may not use IT in day to day operations will usually have support andadmin services that will require computer use.IT graduate jobs pay wellEven entry level jobs in IT can pay well but graduates with an IT or relateddegree usually find it easier to secure their first position than otherprofessions. Computer programming can be such a lucrative job that evenacceptance into good college programs can be very competitive. The Bureau ofLabor Statistics figures for 2016 show that computer programmers earned anaverage of $79,840. The bottom 10% of programmers earned less than $45,570 andthe top 10% earned at least $130,360. However, the BLS also stated that thisarea of IT was in decline in the US thanks to outsourcing but predicted thatprogrammers who can conceptualize software and apps and write code will be inthe highest demand.Constant changeIf there’s one thing that is guaranteed about the IT industry, it is that itdoes not stand still. Research and development is a constant and consistentprocess with new things happening all the time. Just one example to highlightthis is the issue of cyber crime and security. As cyber criminals and hackerssmarter, the IT industry needs to respond and get ahead of the game. You canfind an interesting position in a firm like Alpine Security, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business providing full-spectrum cybersecurityservices and training, including penetration testing certifications.Work/life balance is goodMany technology companies have adopted a progressive attitude towardsemployment and there is a usually a good opportunity for flexible working.Many people working in IT often do not see an office regularly, working fromhome instead. With video conferencing, group chat, and collaboration software,employees do not need to be face to face to communicate. Tech companies alsotend to be forward thinking in term of benefits and well-being at work.Growth and OpportunityThe boundaries of IT are continually being pushed and new developments resultin new jobs requiring new skills. This means more opportunities to learnthings and new jobs. But, there is also career progression in the establishedareas of the IT industry. Just like in any industry, someone starting at thebottom can work their way to the top.

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