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Best Tech Startups Ideas With High Profit MarginsLooking for some tech startups ideas?### Here are seven tech startups ideas that you can start working on today.#### AR/VR solutions.Augmented reality was brought to the spotlight because of Pokémon Go. Afterwhich, a lot more businesses and consumers started paying attention to thistechnology.Different AR solutions are helping eliminate barriers that tourists have toface when they go to unknown lands. In many cases, language becomes a barrier.One AR solution can be aimed at facilitating tourists when they travel abroad.Displaying nearby places and facilities and highlighting areas like hospitals,restaurants, and transport stations can provide a truly memorable travelexperience.AR tools can also be used in the classroom and help teach children moreefficiently and elaborately.Virtual reality is also another area that has seen a massive increase ininterest. People want to experience different things, and VR is one way to dothis and more.Like augmented reality, VR can also be used in the education and trainingspace.#### Wearable tech.Wearable technology has been around for a while now. From Fitbits tosmartwatches, wearable technology has slowly made its way in our daily lives.People who were not big fans of wearing digital or analog watches have optedto wear a smartwatch. So, the market is relatively large in terms of audience.There is still a lot of room in the wearable tech space. With the cost ofsensors decreasing and consumer interest increasing, any startups ideas forwearable devices are bound to have a lot more certainty and success.And people are willing to pay if you can provide a product that lives up topeople’s expectations and brings them value.To boost your wearable tech startup, it would make sense to collaborate withinfluencers early on, known and respected for their tech recommendations.#### Drone technology.Back in the day, drones were only accessible to large scale organizations.These days, anyone can get a drone. Sure, it won’t have all the bells andwhistles, but it will undoubtedly be a drone, and that’s what a big chunk ofconsumers cares about.There are several applications for drones that you can choose to work on.Drone photography or videography is trendy these days. Youtubers andtravelers, along with video snobs, would love a product that would suit theirspecific needs.Search and rescue teams can also use drones to find people in hard-to-reachplaces. Drones suitable for these operating conditions need to be well made,resistant to the elements and need to come with other specialized features.VIDEOLogistics and the goods transport industry at large could use drones that arefast and reliable.Drones can also be used for conservation efforts and help fight climatechange. There are different kinds of drones available that can seed fields andhelp populate forests.#### Data science solutions.For companies, utilizing and acting upon data is essential. Making data drivendecisions helps organizations eliminate guess work and helps them attainrepeatable results.For everyday consumers, data gives them the chance to make more consciousdecisions as well.With each passing day, the importance of effectively gathering and utilizingdata is becoming more and more critical.Detailed insights into how a business is working and managing its processes isa great way to highlight possible areas that can be improved.In the current competitive landscape, businesses need to find ways to improvetheir processes continually.Still, many organizations are only collecting and gathering data but notacting on their findings. Several startup ideas can be generated byidentifying what’s blocking these#### Online security services provider.With more and more people joining social media and becoming acquainted withthe internet, online security has become a multibillion-dollar industry.Finding new ways to improve online security is something that individuals andcompanies alike would be interested in.Working remotely is slowly inching towards becoming a norm. Businesses need toensure that their employees are safe and secure, along with company data andtrade secrets.VIDEOAny service that can provide better security to people online is going to benecessary. What you have to work on in this industry is your unique sellingpoint.What’s going to make your business different than the more enormous techstartup ideas?How are you going to get your core target audience to adopt your offering?These are the kind of questions that anyone entering the online securityindustry, or any tech startup for that matter, should ask themselves.#### 3D printing.While 3D printing is not something that has made its way into every home inthe suburbs, it has certainly been an area that a lot of startups aretargeting.The advantage of 3D printing, for one, is that you’re able to establish asupply line quickly. Companies with many moving parts going into theirproducts need production plants that are easy to maintain and cost-effective.Another area where 3D printers are making headway in the constructionindustry. 3D homes and buildings are growing in popularity. Consumers end upsaving costs associated with labor, while companies can be profitable withlimited human resources.Apart from this, there are several other areas where you can use 3D printingto create a business for yourself.#### Consumer robotics.Any tech startups ideas list will not be complete without mentioning robotics,more specifically consumer robotics.The need for helpers and bringing more convenience to human life is somethingthat almost everyone would want. After all, technology has become a part ofour lives, so why not let it take care of our everyday needs.From automated floor cleaners (Roombas) to robotics chefs who can whip up anyrequest from their learned database. Consumer robotics still has a great dealof potential.VIDEOYou don’t need to think of solving an insanely complex problem, for starters.Find simple problems that can be automated by robots. Think of how many peoplewill use your solution and if something you’re thinking of making would yielda reasonably high profit margin.To make sure that your robots stand out, you will not only need to make superbhardware and software, but you will also need to dedicate a lot of your timeto marketing and sales. To make a fortune in consumer robotics, you will needto scale quickly and sell even faster.##### ConclusionStartups ideas that stand out are hard to come by.More than anything else, you should do your research before committing to anidea and make sure that it is able to provide you with a high profit margin.Published | SwiftChat Professional Live Chat App For Websites

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