medtronic technology medical opened product device first

techsuch May 9, 2021 0 Comments

Top 10 Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology CompaniesArea: Medical devicesProducts You Might Know: Revel insulin pump, Micra pacemaker, Sophono hearingdeviceBrief history: Medtronic began as a medical supply repair shop in the US in1949, and their first commercial product was a battery powered, wearablepacemaker. From then on, they have focused on technology as a means ofimproving treatment. Today, there is a focus on using that technology toimprove treatment and management of chronic conditions specifically –Medtronic claim that “every 3 seconds, another life is improved by a Medtronicproduct or therapy”. In 2014, Medtronic bought Irish company Covidien tofurther expand their scope. Globally, Medtronic employ over 85,000 people inover 160 countries.Medtronic in Singapore: In 2009, Medtronic opened a cardiac devicemanufacturing facility – the first in Asia. In 2011 Medtronic opened anadditional manufacturing site. This also initially served as regionalheadquarters for the company. In 2016, the regional headquarter activities,moved to their newly opened offices at the Mapletree Business Centre.

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