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Walchandnagar Industries: Offers High-Tech Manufacturing Support To TheAerospace Industry### Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer###Managing Director & Chief Executive OfficerIndia is witnessing rapid growth as a manufacturing hub for world corporationsusing new skills in design, reconfiguration, and customization. In theaviation segment, composites are gradually emerging as the preferred option toenhance performance and reduce the weight and cost of space launch vehicles.However, the main challenge faced by manufacturers is the capital expenditure(CapEx) needed to build capability and capacity as the aerospace systems mustmeet rigorous standards of quality and reliability in order to ensure missionsuccess. Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. (WIL) is excelling in this segment by leveragingits decades of industry collaborative association with DRDO/ISRO and applyinglean manufacturing in a targeted way to ensure the high quality of products.The company provides products like gears, centrifugal castings, and gauges forsectors like defence, nuclear, and aerospace. “Having worked with organizations like ISR0 and DRDO, our team has acquiredthe requisite skills through on job training. The best-in-class trainedmanpower utilizes our sophisticated manufacturing facility for producing high-quality components and deliver to our esteemed customers,” says Shri Chirag CDoshi, MD & CEO of the company.Established in the year 1908, WIL is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified heavyengineering Indian company strengthening and expanding itself as a producer ofintegrated systems for the Aerospace and Defence Industries. WIL’s lean manufacturing ensures that quality products are delivered on timeand within budget. It conducts in-process quality checks ensuring the finalproduct meets the complex geometries, close tolerances, and stringentspecifications. The company is also striving to meet the scaledup requirementsof its customers to cater to all new requirements. “WIL is proud to be a trusted partner for various strategic and criticalcomponents of ISRO over 4 decades for all space programs since SLV3 includingthe prestigious missions of Chandrayaan 1 and 2, Mangalyaan, and the upcomingGaganyaan Mission,” adds Mr. Doshi. The company recently inaugurated India’sfirst HS 200 Proof Pressure Test facility at the hands of Shri S. Somnath,Distinguished Scientist & Director VSSC, for the most ambitious Gaganyaanmission. * What propels us is our young team of passionate engineers with domain knowledge groomed to deliver seamless manufacturing of aerospace-grade materialsChirag C Doshi //Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer WIL’s missile division has contributed with the supply of more than 1000+rocket booster motor casings to ambitious programs like India’s Agni, Akash,Astra QRSAM, etc. Additionally, the company is also aiming to strengthen andexpand as a producer of integrated systems for the aerospace and defenceindustries. WIL’s defence business has been closely working with organizations like DRDO &R&DE in various strategic programs of national importance. Aligned with thegovernment’s vision to increase the number of Nuclear Power Plants in India,the company’s nuclear division is all set to contribute by supplying criticalequipment . WIL remains a trusted partner for propulsion gearboxes by theIndian Navy and other process industries. In the future also, the companyaspires to grow and play a larger role in nation-building by contributingsignificantly to achieve self-reliance in aerospace and defence sector. Signing off, Mr. Doshi says, “I intend to make it a leaner, more focusedorganization that will engage more towards Strategic business. Collaborationand knowledge-sharing being key to building a successful indigenous ecosystem,going ahead I plan to collaborate with start-ups to innovate and flourish inthe space domain.”

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