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High-tech materials & manufacturing## Opportunities in high-tech materials & manufacturingBesides factories and plants operated by international organisations, thereare many international headquarters, distribution centres, marketing & salesoffices and financial services, forming a strong basis for the supply chainsof manufacturing products. This accounts for some 12,000 companies and 94,000jobs in the region, with major employers including Tata Steel, Tate & Lyle,Cargill, Honeywell, Stork, G-Star Raw, ASM, Fokker, Verkade, Nuon, Quaker,Hordijk and DHL.## Innovating in AmsterdamThere are four key segments in industrial innovation, each working toreinforce the others: the process industry, machinery & systems (automation),suppliers (utilities and semi-finished products) and services (engineering,design and logistics). Some of the most innovative cases within the region’smanufacturing sector take inspiration from the desire to build moresustainable products and to use more environmentally friendly techniques. Thishas resulted in new bio-based materials, great leaps in 3D printing andincreased focus on the circular economy.## Made in AmsterdamSeveral types of business rely heavily on the manufacturing industry in theAmsterdam Area. This means that Amsterdam companies specialising in the likesof base metals, machinery, food, multimedia, aerospace and climate control arefrequently European or global leaders. And with so many products and processesborn in the region, this reaffirms the Netherlands’ position as one of themost important exporters in the world.Explore High Tech Materials & Manufacturing opportunities in AmsterdamStart the job search and select filters by industry to take the next step inyour manufacturing career.

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