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High Tech Industry SolutionsJavascript must be enabled for the correct page displaySkip to Content## Personalized brand promises will be integrated into customer experiencesBy 2025, we believe that high tech companies will rely on platforms andsubscription-based services for monetizing intellectual property to providethe efficient, reliable products and consumer-grade experiences customersexpect. ### Product Innovation and Sourcing * Product Portfolio and Project Management * Product Development and Compliance * Strategic Sourcing * Design and Project Networks Learn more### Supply Chain * Demand Management and Insights * Supply Chain Execution * Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning * Response and Supply Planning Learn more### Manufacturing * Manufacturing Operations for Industry 4.0 * Manufacturing Execution for Industry 4.0 * Asset Operations and Maintenance Learn more### Marketing as Growth Driver * Optimized Marketing * Single Customer View * Consent-Based Marketing Learn more### Selling Outcomes * Commerce Personalization * Subscription Management * Omnichannel Commerce Management * Quote to Cash * Sales Performance Management * Sales and Channel AutomationLearn more### Customer Service Excellence * Asset Performance Management * Service Monetization * Omnichannel Customer Support * Customer Experience Management * Field Service Management * Professional Services Engagement and DeliveryLearn more## See how high tech companies are succeeding with SAP## Find high tech software tailored to your needsSimplify and automate processes across the business to deliver innovativeproducts, optimize the supply chain, and exceed customer expectations. ## Manage your high tech business enterprise-wideExplore our comprehensive solutions for all business processes across allindustries to find the solutions you need to build a connected business. Back to top

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