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Law industry in Singapore goes high techWhile Fintech is the buzzword going around these days, hailed for its abilityto bring innovation to a staid financial industry, it is by no means the soleexemplar of disruption to a particular professional sector.The legal industry, for instance, has long been regarded as an area wheretechnological applications were not considered to be a huge game-changer inthe bigger scheme of things. In the past, any perceived value-add wasconsidered either minimal at best, or not robust enough to properly addressthe subtleties of the practice of law. And to be fair, for a period of time,there was definitely a strong argument for this case.## Technology 2.0 But times have changed, and so has the level of sophistication that comes withthe latest technological advancements.So whether it is a new-found method of breaking down complex legal processesinto smaller parts to enable automation, or perhaps turning unstructured textcontained within law cases into a structured data format to facilitateresearch, Legaltech certainly seems to have finally gotten a foothold withinthe industry, and the ever-increasing number of ways that technology can beused to enhance the status quo has contributed greatly to Legaltech’s riseover the last 5 to 6 years.## Flying the torch for Legal Industry The law community here in Singapore has been busy making strides of its own tofoster the adoption of Legaltech amongst the local law firms; both from anorganisational as well as individual basis.With firm support from the government, crystallised in the form of financialsupport programmes, measures have recently been put in place to spur the usageof technology by law firms to enhance the various facets of productivity,efficiency and overall capability.A good case in point is that on 1st March 2017, the Ministry of Law, togetherwith the Law Society of Singapore and SPRING Singapore, launched a new schemedubbed ‘Tech Start for Law’.Story continuesWith this scheme, Singapore law firms can simply apply for financial supportfrom SPRING Singapore via the Law Society, which then helps to subsidise partof the initial costs that a firm will have to pay when using a certain form oflegal technology and/or business development solution.## Zuu Online and LegisComm Source: Asia Law NetworkZUU Online and our partner, LegisComm – a marketing firm that focuses on thelegal sector and other related professional services, took part in the LegalTechnology Roadshow organized by the Law Society of Singapore at NTUC BusinessCentre on 27th and 28th of March 2017. Over the two-day roadshow, variousproducts and services were offered by legal technology providers to themembers of the legal community.The team members from both ZUU and LegisComm were there to advocate the use ofcontent marketing as the best long-term strategy for law firms. The team wasalso there to promote the upcoming launch of the new ZUU Online Legal -Sectionon 19 April 2017. This new Legal section would also be one of the avenueswhere law-related content would reach a wider audience including readers frombusiness and finance sectors.Relevant and well-written content can result in heightened interest in aparticular type of legal work, and translates into a more efficient andelegant manner of client acquisition, and even enhance customer retention.“Content Marketing is a strategy that is value-for-money, as any contentgenerated can be published on several platforms not only on your company’swebsite, it can be blasted out in the form of newsletters and reposted on yoursocial media pages to get maximum mileage. Most importantly, any contentpublished on the internet is evergreen and stays online for almost eternity,unless taken down” shared Eliza Tan, Managing Director of LegisComm in herspeech on “Content Marketing – The best long-term strategy for Law Firms”.## Legaltech on the rise in Singapore Source: Asia Law NetworkAside from ZUU and LegisComm, there were also interesting startups such asAsia Law Network, an online platform that connects lawyers, law firms, andclients to one another, as well as Intelllex, a portal that helps lawyers tosearch through case files in a faster manner, keep notes and better organisetheir research as a whole.## Another boost for the Singapore legal sector During the Roadshow, the Law Society also officially launched the ‘SmartLawAssist’ scheme. This scheme enables each law firm to get access to a subsidyamounting to 70% of the first year’s subscription costs of an online knowledgedatabase from Singapore Academy of Law, Lexis Nexis or Thomson Reuters. TheLaw Society are currently accepting applications from now until 30th June2017.What all this boils down to is that the future is definitely looking brightfor the legal sector here, what with the positive stance of promoting addedusage of technology to enhance the legal services here. Hopefully, allstakeholders, be it law firms or the clients who need their services, will allbenefit as a whole.(By ZUUonlineSG)Related Articles – Do you really need a lawyer when buying property? – Singapore as a debt restructuring hub: insolvency laws and bankruptcyprotection – Simple ways to reduce your income tax bill in Singapore (legally)

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