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Common Laser Tech Interview QuestionsWhether you’re going in for your first cosmetic laser technician job orinterviewing for a new laser technician career, you want to be prepared. Belowyou will find the 10 most common laser technician interview questions andsuggestions with how to answer them.## 1. What experience do you have with lasers?For this question, you should answer with the brands of lasers you’ve beentrained on or used on clients in the past. You should also mention how manyyears you’ve been performing laser treatments and what types of treatmentsyou’ve performed. If this is your first time going out for a cosmetic lasertechnician job, mention where you’ve received your laser training from andwhat brands of lasers you used in school.## 2. What interests you about this laser technician position?Now is your time to explain what caught your eye about this company. Thismeans you’ll have to do your research in order to articulate why this laserclinic or medical spa is best fit for you. You should also explain why you’repassionate about working as a laser technician in this particular position.## 3. What important qualities do you have that makes you a great lasertechnician?Don’t withhold your modesty on this one! Cosmetic laser technicians should bevery friendly with all customers, strive to build relationships and continueclient retention, have a strong focus on laser safety, have the bestintentions for their clients, work with integrity, and so on. Be sure andfocus on a few that really hit home for you!## 4. What is your greatest strength as a laser tech?This is a good time to give an example. Tell a good story where you’veexcelled in your line of work and bring the story back to focusing on whatthat in particular is your greatest strength.## 5. What you can improve in your line of work?Nobody likes admitting negative qualities, so it’s always important show justhow you’ve been working on improving a weakness in particular. For instance,maybe you weren’t good at upselling clients toward new treatments but once youbegan discussing options, there was an increase in your sales.## 6. Why did you choose laser technician as your career?This would be a great place to tell an interesting story of why you decided tobecome a laser technician. Make sure it’s positive and showcases howpassionate you are as a laser technician!National Laser Institute is the leading cosmetic laser school in the nationand was the first to pioneer the cosmetic laser training curriculum. To learnmore, simply call 800-982-6817.

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