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Top 22 KPI Examples for Technology Companies (Updated for 2021)It can be intimidating to sit down to a blank slate and begin working on yourcompany’s first official KPI dashboard! Over the years, I’ve worked withhundreds of technology and software companies doing just that – beginningtheir KPI journey in Rhythm. So how do you get started?First, it’s helpful to think of your business in terms of 4 key areas:Employees, Customers, Processes and Revenue. In order to have a clear high-level view of the health of your company, you should have visibility on allfour areas. What can you measure to give you the proper insights on the healthof your employees, customers, processes and revenue?If you are still stuck, we’ve compiled the ultimate KPI cheat sheet forsoftware companies! Below are some of the most common KPIs we’ve seen fromtechnology companies using Rhythm for each of the 4 key areas:### Employee KPIsAre your employees engaged, productive, delivering results, and excited aboutthe future?### Customer KPIsDo your customers love, appreciate and refer you? * Customer Retention/Churn * Customer Referrals * Customer Net Promoter Score * # of Open Customer Support Tickets### Process KPIsDo you have healthy operations and disciplines that you can scale for thefuture? * Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) * Ticket Resolution Time * On-time Delivery * A/R Days * Expenses * Margin * Profit### Revenue KPIsDo you have the right product/service offerings and marketing/sales strategiesto support your current and future revenue goals? * New Customer Sales * Existing Customer Expansion * Cost of Customer Acquisition * Close Ratio * Close Cycle * Recurring Revenue * Pipeline * Cash RunwayFinally, you and your team just need to get started. Start measuring some KPIsthat you think will give you the proper insights and drive the rightdiscussions at your Weekly Team Meeting. Test them and don’t be afraid to makeadjustments to your software KPI list. If a KPI isn’t giving you good insightsor prompting action when you’re not on track, stop measuring it and try adifferent metric. It may take a few quarters to determine your best KPI set.These KPIs also apply to IT (Information Technology) companies and manyothers, so feel free to download our guide and create the best technology KPIsfor your team.See how Rhythm Systems software can help you execute your KPI strategy and allof your strategic initiatives.### Looking for more KPI Examples to help get you started? Check out ouradditional resources:Comprehensive List of 179 KPI Examples for Any Industry25 KPI Examples for Manufacturing Companies33 KPI Examples to Measure Productivity and Prevent Organizational DragEmployee KPI Examples: How to Measure What You Want to Move (Video)KPI Examples for Successful Sales TeamsMarketing KPI Examples10 Best Employee KPI ExamplesRhythm Systems KPI Resource CenterStill not sure which KPIs to focus on? Download our free KPI Guide for help.Photo Credits: iStock by Getty Images

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