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Lubo Tech sp. z o.o. |# ABOUT COMPANYLuboTech was established in January 2006, we have gained a great deal ofexperience over many years working for a number of Large European industrialplants, specialising in the automotive industry. Lubotech specialises in thecomplex installation of machinery and industrial devices.All projects undertaken by Lubotech are carried out to the highest standard;we can work according to our customer’s technical documentation or to ourcompanies recommended specification.To ensure all work is carried out to the highest possible standard, we treatevery customer and project on an individual bases and will maintain thisduring all stages of the work, from design through to the installation stagesto ensure total satisfaction on completion.Our fully qualified and experienced engineers are ready to help you implementall projects in their specialist areas of mechanics, electrical engineering aswell as industrial pneumatics.We have recently opened our own assembly plant with an area of 1400m2, this isfully equipped with a crane and machine- tool base.Our premises are located in Pyskowice, Poznańska Street, in the vicinity ofthe A4Motorway.

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