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UPS Supply Chain SolutionsIn high tech, having great products is only half the challenge. The mostsuccessful high tech companies also use the distribution of their products andtheir after-sales support as key competitive differentiators. That’s where UPScomes in.Outsourced Distribution Services In distribution, we provide our high tech customers Global Source to CustomerExecution. As a single source provider, we manage your multiple transportationmodes and synchronize your supply chain to increase speed to market. All yoursupply chain transportation and warehousing will be coordinated, helping youmake optimal decisions to properly balance customer service with cost. Allmanaged by one point of contact who works collaboratively with you to maximizecost savings and enable transportation efficiencies. Leveraging our high techindustry expertise and operational excellence, you can deliver a superiorcustomer experience.Outsourced Post Sales/Service Parts Logistics For high tech companies, after-sales support of products is vital to keepingcustomers happy and growing revenue. In Post Sales, UPS offers End-to-EndGlobal Solutions to optimize your high tech service parts supply chain. Wehave a global IT system, the world’s largest field stocking location network,and extensive global capabilities and facilities to ensure your customers haveas little equipment downtime as possible.Our service parts solutions – including critical order fulfillment, reverselogistics, network and parts planning, and test, repair and refurbishmentservices – combined with our operational excellence, can help you grow yourbusiness globally.| | |

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