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UPS Supply Chain Solutions – United States### We put the tech in high-tech logistics.In addition to the need for speed, moving high-value goods comes with otherconcerns, like effectively managing inventory and maintaining tight security.That’s where our experience with other high-tech companies can help provideyours with high-confidence solutions. From pre-manufacturing to post-salessupport, with a full suite of transportation, logistics and internationaltrade services, we’ll work closely with you to help improve speed, tightenefficiency and add value. So you can turn your high-tech supply chain into ahigh-tech competitive game-changer. ### How We Can Help#### Kitting & Pre-AssemblyWe go the extra mile with unique value-added services. Things like componentkit-building, configuring barcode labels for kits, kit disassembly anddistributed order management help make your job easier. Trust us to alsohandle things like in-house inspections and refurbishment, edging and decalservices.#### Custom PackagingWe’ll work with you to develop the right packaging solution to meet yourunique business situation. Branded, environmentally conscious, temperature-sensitive and optimized corrugation packaging is available. Store-readyproduct displays are also available. And we can help with innovative damageprotection through our Packaging Innovation Center.#### New Product Launch SupportIn high tech manufacturing and distribution, today’s headliner products canquickly become yesterday’s news. So getting your new product launched fast andefficiently is critical. So is maintaining a well-oiled, end-to-end supplychain that can keep up with everything from peak season demands and ever-shifting consumer buying patterns.#### Postponement StrategiesOur postponement services include hardware and device configuration, softwareinstallation, light assembly of finished goods, literature add-ins and theaddition of documentation and labels. You can store basic goods for longerperiods of time to exploit unique market conditions, reduce lead times andreduce inventory levels. All of which can improve productivity andprofitability.#### Multi-Channel DistributionThriving in today’s global economy means being in the right place at the righttime to optimize speed to market. Multi-channel selling can require dealingwith varying customs requirements for sourcing and distribution, regionalfulfilment, reclaims, repairs and replacements. You could build it allyourself, or you could mobilize our global network of facilities, carriers,technology and experts to help you get it done.#### Reverse LogisticsYour customers have high expectations for the services you provide, even afterthe sale. Our portfolio of reverse management solutions can help you makereturns and repairs easy for customers, while giving you a tighter grip oninventory. These flexible, cost-effective offerings can quickly return parts,even leveraging the UPS Access Point® network for easy pickup and drop off.#### Repair ServicesOur test, repair and refurbish services can screen and diagnose criticalparts—or whole units—to determine viability and assess whether they should bereturned to inventory or recycled. Our broad network of field stockinglocations, coupled with the UPS Access Point® network, helps you deliver partsto the best locations for your field technicians. Your techs can be moreefficient and SLA-compliance is improved.#### Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) SolutionsAs your global supply chain grows, so do the complexities you face managingrisk and cost. If you import lots of inventory into the U.S., it’s likely someof the goods stay here, while others get exported later. So you get hit withduties, import taxes and fees in multiple countries. That can kill your bottomline and slow growth. An FTZ can put a lot of those duties and taxes back inyour pocket.

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