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Uswitch Green AccreditationGreen energy is growing in popularity as people strive to do their bit for theenvironment. In a recent Uswitch survey, more than three quarters (76%) ofconsumers said renewable energy is an important factor when choosing a newenergy deal.Many suppliers now offer affordable tariffs that are labelled as green — butwhat this actually means can vary between suppliers and energy plans. Thedifferences include how suppliers buy renewable electricity and carbon offsetthe gas, while some may go even further in promoting a greener future.Choosing a green tariff that is right for you can be confusing so Uswitch islaunching a Green Accreditation that aims to help cut through the jargon toexplain the green credentials of your chosen energy plan.If a tariff has achieved Green Accreditation, you’ll be able to see details byclicking on ‘plan info’ in your energy comparison results.## What is the Uswitch Green Accreditation?The Uswitch Green Accreditation is a first of its kind, independently verifiedaccreditation scheme that aims to make it easier to choose the green energytariff that’s right for you.We asked energy providers to supply us with tariff information on theiravailable green energy tariffs. Our panel of independent experts then reviewedthe tariffs and put together the categories that reflect the differencesbetween them.The Uswitch Green Accreditation puts tariffs into Bronze, Silver and Goldlevels — splitting the tariffs up depending on the amount of renewable energysuppliers directly buy and the level of investment they are making to supportthe growth of renewable energy.You can find out which level each tariff has received by clicking on ‘planinfo’ in the results table when you compare energy tariffs.

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