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East Netherlands#### High Tech Drones and Sensors – Focus of Industry in East Netherlands –SPECTORS* * *Smart Industry – SPECTORS, an EU funded, four year long INTERREG V-Ainnovation program stands for “Sensor Products for Enterprises CreatingTechnological Opportunities in airborne Remote Sensing”. In SPECTORS, twentyDutch and German SMEs are working together to develop and test innovativeremote-sensing products. These companies, all located along the Dutch-Germanborder region, include Clear Flight Solutions, Aerovision andGeoInfoSolutions.### InvestingCompanies and governments are investing some € 9 million in SPECTORS, with thegoal of creating forty new jobs, as well as maintaining 840 currently existingjobs. The goal of the program is to develop for applications such technologiesas a laser and radar positioning system for indoor and outdoor navigation, 3-Dscanners for geographic measurement, radar for monitoring traffic flows atairports and traffic intersections, as well as developing systems that allowunmanned, remote-controlled aircraft (drones) to perform physical tasks intheir environment. An example of the latter is transporting objects. Inaddition, it is expected that a ‘big data’ system will be built which willallow smart usage of the enormous amount of data collected by these sensors. The companies involved with the project will also be working closely witheducational and research institutes from the region, including theuniversities of Wageningen, Twente and the Hochschüle Rhein-Waal. The longterm goal is to give a boost to the collective power of innovation between thecooperative partners in the area of high-tech systems and materials in theborder region.### CoordinationOost NL is involved with the SPECTORS program by coordinating the variousbusiness development activities among the business partners, so that a clearbusiness case can be demonstrated to support the program. The necessarytesting activities will be conducted by the railway support and maintenancecompany ProRail at Space53, the newly launched test center for drones at theformer military airfield Twente.SPECTORS is co-developed by Oost NL within the framework of the cooperation inthe border area of the Netherlands and Germany through the EU’s INTERREG 5a.The companies will be providing the resources for manpower, but will receivesome financial support from the EU program, the Dutch Ministry of EconomicAffairs, the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and the German government. VIDEOMore info: Spectors.eu#### UPCOMING EVENTS

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