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Galvanize Joins Forces with Austin Urban Technology Movement to DriveDiversity in TechAUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diversity within the Austin tech scene hasbarely budged since 2015. To change that, Galvanize – a leader in developingtalent and capabilities for individuals and corporations in the fields ofsoftware engineering and data science – announced a new partnership withAustin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), a nonprofit bridging the gap betweenBlack and Hispanic communities and the technology industry through jobplacement, career development, and networking opportunities.> “Galvanize was founded on the belief that anyone who wants to pursue a> career in tech should be able to do so,” said Dr. Sam Kline, Director of> Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Galvanize. “The traditional tech career> path has kept generations of underrepresented students from entering the> industry across the country. We’re very excited to be working with AUTM to> make progress toward closing that gap.”Specifically, Galvanize and AUTM will reduce the barriers currently keepingAustin’s Black and Hispanic community members from entering tech by: * Engaging and promoting Galvanize’s Austin, TX events * Inviting anyone who has participated in Galvanize’s JavaScript 101- 401 series or Python Workshop series to participate in Galvanize’s Premium Prep Program for free * Sharing information about financial support options for full-time and part-time immersive programs “Accessibility and affordability are the major barriers preventing us fromeliminating the skills gap and increasing representation of Black and Hispaniccommunities in the technology industry,” said Michael Ward Jr., President andChief Executive Officer of AUTM. “In order to overcome these challenges in thetech industry and eliminate the racial wealth gap across industry sectors,partnerships like this are needed to create new pathways into entry-level andmiddle-skilled jobs. We are ecstatic to add Galvanize to our workforcedevelopment ecosystem and work with them to reshape the tech industry.”Galvanize – a subsidiary of Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN) – currently has investedover $1 million in its We Stand Together scholarship to fund full, partial,and deposit-level scholarships for students who identify as Black or African-American to our full-time and part-time immersive programs in SoftwareEngineering and Data Science.Galvanize also offers tuition assistance options that include an industry-leading income share agreement, through which eligible students can completetheir course of study and defer the cost of tuition until they earn a jobmaking an equivalent salary of $60K a year.To learn more about upcoming Galvanize courses in Austin, click here.About GalvanizeGalvanize is a learning community for technology with eight physical campusesacross the U.S. where innovative startups, aspiring students, and largeenterprises benefit from a dynamic, unique technology ecosystem. Galvanize isan industry leader in technology education, offering the Data Science and HackReactor Software Engineering immersive boot camps that propel careers and helpindividuals thrive in the digital economy. In addition to its physicalcampuses, Galvanize offers full-time and part-time immersive boot camps toindividuals remotely, and tailored workforce training to enterprise clients toaddress each of their unique needs. With 8,000+ graduates, Galvanize alumnihave gone on to bring their talents to over 2,250 companies. Galvanize is asubsidiary of Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN), a premier provider of innovative,high-quality online and blended education solutions, curriculum, and programsto students, schools, and enterprises in primary, secondary and post-secondarysettings. Learn more at Austin Urban Tech Movement (AUTM)Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) bridges the gap between Black andHispanic communities and the technology industry through job placement, careerdevelopment, and networking opportunities. AUTM’s vision is to increaserepresentation of the Global Majority working, developing, and usingtechnology, while leading diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in thetech ecosystem. To learn more about Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM),visit

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