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Index funds: See why Vanguard is still the indexing leader## Does your index fund invest in you?Vanguard was founded on a simple but revolutionary idea—that an investmentcompany shouldn’t have any outside owners. That’s why we’re structured the waywe are: Our funds own our company, and investors like you own our funds.We’re never distracted by the demands of private owners or other outsideinterests. So as more investors choose our index funds and new economies ofscale help us lower costs, those benefits are passed directly to you.While other companies are just catching on to the power of low-cost investing,it’s what we were built to do. And we have the math to prove it: In the past 7years alone, lower expense ratios saved index investors like you over $725million.1Nearly $4 trillion invested in Vanguard index mutual funds and ETFs.1Ready to get back what’s yours?Ask your advisor about Vanguard index funds or* * *##Vanguard index funds stand above the restWe started the indexing revolution and have led the charge for the entireinvestment community ever since. It’s our structure that empowers us to keepstriving to give you the absolute best.### An enviable cost advantageThe average expense ratio across our index mutual funds and ETFs is 73% lessthan the industry average.2### Consistent long-term returns82% of our index mutual funds and ETFs have performed better than their peer-group averages over the last 10 years.3### Unmatched expertiseWe launched the first index fund for individual investors in 1976. And we’vebeen perfecting our benchmark selection and tracking skills every day since.* * *## Learn more about investing in index funds* * *## Find the right index fund for youWhether your investment goals are near or far, you can find the rightcombination of low-cost index mutual funds andETFs (exchange-traded funds)to suit your needs.### Stock fundsAlign with stock market performance to give you the potential for long-termgrowth.### Bond fundsOffset some of the risk of investing in stocks and provide the potential forincome.### Balanced fundsCombine the benefits of investing in both stocks and bonds in a single fund.### International fundsIncreasediversificationby giving you exposure to investment opportunities around the world.### Sector & specialty fundsProvide access to specific industries, like energy, real estate, and healthcare.## Index funds for any portfolioWhen you’re offering a client financial advice or investing on someone else’sbehalf, consider how Vanguard index funds could help them reach their goals.

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