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Food Technology 2021## This isFood TechnologyWhat will the food system of the future look like? What role does technologyplay in this? Will artificial intelligence control all processes in thefactory to control them based on live data and guarantee the very bestquality? Can production be more efficient by predicting and anticipatingmaintenance and downtime of food-producing machines? What alternatives to ourcurrent food items contribute to food security? And how do we make the originof food transparent for the consumer? The fact is that more than 9 billionpeople must be provided with food by 2050. To achieve this, it is importantthat the food industry also produces more efficiently, effectively,sustainably or even completely differently.### Food meets high tech during Food Technology 2021On 1 and 2 December, Mikrocentrum and Vakblad EVMI (Alea Publishers), togetherorganize Food Technology 2021. Whether it concerns CO2 emissions, food safety,chain transparency, healthy food or clean label; the solutions are provided bynew technology and innovations. During Food Technology 2021, food and high-tech come together with the aim of helping the food industry on its way to2050. During these two days you will discover a wide range of solutions withinthe following themes: * Factory of the future * Sustainable and transparent chain * Food innovation * Safe food * Food lab

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